It’s been two days of driving 100 miles each day and standing in line for two hours for a meet and greet with Kassie DePaiva (Blair) and Trevor St. John (Todd) on One Life to Live and Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) on General Hospital.
Was it worth it?
A resounding – YES!
On Saturday, I met Kassie and Trevor at the Treasure Coast Mall in Jensen Beach, FL. All of the appearances were in conjunction with the Florida Lifestyles Expo sponsored by the local ABC affiliate WPBF-Channel 25.
Kassie is FUN! She is beautiful, vivacious – and so much energy!
If there’s any doubt that she makes the Energizer bunny look lazy, just go to her website and see how many things she’s involved in – acting, singing, charitable causes. She also will be co-hosting The View on Wednesday.
Click here to view Kassie’s website. Her new CD “I Want To Love You” was available for sale at the appearance and many fans, including Jaimie who was in front of me in line, bought it and had her sign it.
Trevor appears a bit more laid back and so-o-o nice.
And that smile!
It’s the smile he flashes after Todd does something so devious or so rude, as is customary for Todd. But in the next minute, he flashes that smile and you forgive all his transgressions.
I gave Kassie and Trevor a Soapbox flier, explaining about this blog and inviting them to check it out or even post. Kassie immediately piped up that she would do an interview with me.
And I’m floored….in a good way…and, of course, I want to interview her. Kassie- We’ll talk!
So I give Trevor a photo of me and him at Super Soap Weekend 2005 for him to sign and he writes the name Jaimie, the name he had just signed before me….He was a bit flustered, crossed out that name and put mine.
But I didn’t say Michele with one L….so he put two. He was even more flustered….He said, “This will be a unique souvenir” and flashed that smile again!
Then Kassie suggested that she and Trevor hold up the Soapbox fliers for a photo with me in it! I couldn’t believe it! How great was that?
If you want to see that photo and others from the event, click here.
Click here to see video.
They began the event with a half hour of Q&A. But the one major glitch in the event was a technical problem during this portion.
The people who were lined up to see them one-on-one – like me – were directly in the back of the stage and the speakers were pointing towards the front. So the people waiting in line to see them could only hear bits and pieces of the Q&A, which was very frustrating. I know there were so many questions that I just couldn’t hear the answers to.
But here’s a recap of what I was able to hear.
Trevor talked about stepping into a role already established by Roger Howarth.
He said he was not familiar with OLTL before accepting the role of Walker. So he came on as Walker, a new character, and two months later they told him – OK now you’re Todd.
But he said it didn’t matter to him because he didn’t know Todd or the popularity of the character or of the popularity of Roger Howarth. So it didn’t seem like a big deal to him or, as he put it, “not as great a leap as one would think.”
Trevor, I feel you bring a greater depth to the character than I had ever seen before. So, for me, you’re the new and improved version.
He was also asked how much of Trevor is in Todd? He said there’s always a part of the real person in the character. It’s just degrees. It’s always the real person responding to the text, he said. He said he gets to play out some fantasys and that everyone wants to be as coniving and manipulative as Todd is once in a while….
Someone in the audience asked what’s going to happen with the Tommy s/l and Kassie answered (jokingly) Todd and John find Tommy and run off together to raise him!
Both Trevor and Kassie praised the actress who plays their onscreen daughter, Starr. Kristen Alderson has literally grown up in front of our eyes in that role and recently, at 16, she has been really showing her acting chops during some very powerful storylines.
And Kassie talked a bit about her 10-year-old son, JQ, who appeared recently on All My Children. JQ was born deaf, but is able to hear through coclear implants. He appeared on AMC during a storyline about Spike – Kendall and Ryan’s son – being deaf.
JQ was terrific and so handsome! He is Kassie’s son with her husband James DePaiva, who played Max Holden on OLTL, which is where they met. I absolutely loved Max – one of my fave OLTL characters, so I was really happy to see him appear recently in the 10,000 episode, when he returned for Asa’ funeral.
The chemistry between Kassie and James onscreen – it’s wonderful.
She also talked about Trevor playing Todd different than Roger and that both pairings worked – although they are different. She is also amazed at the long-lasting power of the couple given all of their ups and downs.
Meeting the actors is great fun – but it’s also the whole fan experience of standing in line waiting…the anticipation…and talking about the show and the characters and the actors before they even appear.
So I’m in line by myself and two women walk up and stand behind me. One of them I recognize, but I can’t figure out where….Super Soap Weekend? This same fan event at the mall last year? We’re trying to figure it out.
Turns out that she’s from the same town in Conn. where my aunt lives and where I lived for awhile. But that’s not it.
Then it dawned on us.
We were both on the stage at Super Soap Weekend last year during one of the “I Wanna Be A Soap Star” events!
Okay, what are the chances of that….That we both lived in the same small town in Conn. and that we were picked out of 600 people last year to come up onstage and do a scene with Cameron Mathison?
It is truly a small world!
Come back here tomorrow for a recap of Tyler Christopher’s event. You won’t want to miss it. He divulged a small tidbit about an upcoming storyline on GH.

4 thoughts on “Meeting OLTL’s Todd and Blair

  1. jc
    October 22, 2007 at 4:47 pm

    Did you know that Kassie DePaiva (Blair) has a new show on PBS called “Knitting and Crocheting Today.” I watch it on Monday mornings.

  2. Michele
    October 22, 2007 at 7:52 pm

    I didn’t know about her new show, but it just proves my point – that woman has so much energy! She takes multi-tasking to new levels! Thanks for posting.

  3. Latoya
    October 27, 2007 at 7:51 pm

    Hi Michele…finally was able to read you blog! I heard Kassie say that she would love to do an interview with you and I thought, “you go girl!” It was nice meeting you, and I’m sure we’ll see each other at Super Soap Weekend!

  4. Michele
    October 28, 2007 at 12:10 pm

    Latoya, It was so nice chatting with you while waiting to see Kassie and Trevor – and,Yes, Kassie agreed to an interview. So check back in the next week or so depending on when we can get with each other. She’s so dynamic, isn’t she? See you at SSW!