By Michele Dargan

I really want to post a positive One Life To Live blog, because, after all, it’s my favorite soap….or at least it was for about 40 years.

The past couple of months, not so much.

I watch General Hospital first and then watch OLTL on DVR.

That, in itself, speaks volumes.

But in all honesty, OLTL is going from bad to worse – beginning with Todd.

He’s back to being a raging LUNATIC!!!

I hate, Hate, HATE when the writers turn Todd on a dime and make him go from being a semi-nice guy (when it comes to his kids, ex-wives, etc.) to being a monster!

Trevor St. John (Todd) Photo: ABC/YOLANDA PEREZ

I really had hoped never to see that horrible scene from the past, where Todd finds Starr and Cole in bed and proceeds to beat the crap out of Cole.

The other one I really didn’t need to see again was when Todd (again) hit Cole and pushed Starr down the stairs.

Yet, I was treated to watching both of those disgusting blast-from-the-past scenes again – both in one day, thank you!

I guess they had to replay those scenes in order to justify Todd going off the deep end again.

But, really, this is getting really old. I personally do not like the deep, dark hateful side of Todd.

Case in point: Thursday and Friday. He semi-attacked Cole (Brandon Buddy) physically and verbally attacked (viciously and scarily) Marty.

Todd was the one who raped Marty (Susan Haskell) and he acts like he’s the wronged one.

Everything is always – pooooor Todd!

But those scenes in Marty’s office made absolutely no sense to me.

Todd was in love with Marty (yes, I know he held her captive while she had memory loss). But those two have made a sort of peace over the past year and I don’t see him showing this rage toward her now. I really don’t.

Trevor St. John as Todd does an amazing job at showing us the many layers of the very complicated Todd Manning.

I just really think that at this point in time with Todd’s character, there should be more of his kinder, gentler side…and when TSJ is given the right material, he does make you believe that Todd has a good side.

And I know there are fans out there that like the dark side of Todd.

I’m just not one of them.

I feel this flip-flopping – making characters go from good to evil in five seconds -is, in my opinion, a fatal flaw in OLTL right now.

Other cases in point: Ross and Schuyler… Todd, although Todd does have a history of really bad behavior.

And, unfortunately, I have a feeling, there’s more of this to come.

6 thoughts on “More Todd Rage? Seriously? OLTL

  1. Kera
    April 19, 2010 at 3:49 am

    ITA However, I have enjoyed the stalkerish journalism side of him. It’s quite comincal to see him going after stories.

  2. Jen
    April 19, 2010 at 5:33 am

    I agree that it doesn’t make a lot of sense when characters like Todd change on a dime. I think there is a deeper layer to the fact that characterizations are suddenly changing or not being honored, and that is that the history of the characters and storylines in general are not being taken into consideration as the characters are being written. For example, if Todd is going to try to change for Dani, then they need to try to explain why he doesn’t even consider that after Cole upsets him. If Dorian isn’t going to be a protective, meddling mother-bear to Langston, they should explain why her parenting techniques have suddenly changed. And I’m still slightly confused as to why Viki is so mad at Charlie? Because he was going to kill Mitch? Because he conspired with Dorian? Because he shot Jessica? Dorian tried to kill Mitch for messing with her daughter. I’m confused as to why Viki doesn’t want to kill Mitch herself right now, I guess.

  3. SabrinaD18
    April 19, 2010 at 6:29 am

    Hi Michele,
    While I usually agree with your observations, I don’t on this one. Not that I like a dark Todd but this past year of mopey Todd has been unbearable both the writing and Trevor’s sleepwalking through scenes.
    Todd has not been viable as gentle Todd since the Rapemance. He never received his comeuppance and OLTL never wrote anything to regenarate the character so not only is he not viable as the other side of Todd, he’s not viable as a romantic pairing.
    They could’ve easily explained Todd’s craziness to Starr’s budding sexuality explainnig his own issues with sex but when they made him Llanview’s sex bunny and engaging in the sex only scenes with Tea in the beginning of her return they removed a grand part of what made Todd work as an ex rapist, which was his fear of intimacy.
    After the rapemance when he never quite grasped why that was so bad, how can they paint Todd as normal again. I’d rather they paint Todd as being depressive last year and manic now and diagnosing him as bipolar, that seems to be the more logical and interesting thing to do now that they’ve ruined him as Llanview’s anti hero. Let the viewers see Todd sucumbing to his dormant illness while Llanview and his apologist come to a slower realization of Todd’s real lingering darkness.
    This works for many reasons, he’s no longer good enough for Blair, he’s boring with Tea and Trevor is Susan Haskell’s best scene partner. So let those two got at it with their complex relationship (non romantic please) as victimizer and victim but with Marty standing up to him and at some point diagnosing him. And let Trevor work the darker Todd because it’s the first legitimate performance he’s given in over a year. He was chilling creepy this week and I was reminded again of his incredible talent. He seems bored with normal Todd.

  4. Jen
    April 21, 2010 at 12:47 am

    I love Sabrina’s thoughts and agree! Thanks!

  5. soapbox1
    April 21, 2010 at 2:14 am

    Wow! All of you make really good points!
    Kera, I do like when Todd does his paparazzi journalism thing, which we see far less often these days.
    Jen, ITA with you and your questions and assessments…it all goes back to the writing and, as you said, the history of the characters not being honored in the storylines. I think Viki doesn’t want to kill Mitch is because that is who Viki is. For Viki, killing someone would never be the answer. And I do hope she forgives Charlie…I think she’s so mad at Charlie – in large part – because he shut her out and confided in Dorian and teamed up with Dorian to kill Mitch while he shut Viki out. I think it’s the feeling of betrayal for Viki.


  6. soapbox1
    April 21, 2010 at 2:38 am

    Hi Sabrina!
    It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with me. I love to hear everyone’s opinion and that way it presents loads of possibilities!
    I think you also make a lot of good points and I totally understand what you’re saying.
    I think Jen makes a really good point in that if Todd really wants to get Dani to like him, becoming raging maniac Todd is not going to help that situation.
    I think the fear of intimacy Todd was long ago and the Todd of recent years has overcome that to some degree. At least it did look like it with Tea.
    The bipolar diagnosis could explain mood swings, but not sure it really explains this crazy, maniacal version of Todd that came on in a split second.
    One thing’s for sure TSJ does deliver great performances – whether it’s nice Todd or crazy, scary Todd.
    Thanks so much for posting!