I watch the soaps as an escape from reality.
Always have.
So why is the my escapism lately leaving me not wanting to escape.
Let me explain.
I’m not liking storylines on my two main soaps: One Life To Live and General Hospital.
Namely Starr’s teen pregnancy on One Life To Live and Michael’s shooting on General Hospital.
I am finding it very uncomfortable watching Starr Manning a. Lose her virginity and b. become pregnant from that one time action.
I think it’s mainly because I’ve watch Kristen Alderson grow up as Starr right before my eyes.
She originated the role as a six-year-old and we’ve all watched her turn into a beautiful young woman.
Not that the acting by all characters surrounding this storyline isn’t good, because it is.
Kristen and Brittany Underwood, who plays Starr’s BFF Langston Wilde, are acting their hearts out. The storyline has highlighted the outstanding acting talents of these two young women.
An interesting thing about this storyline is that Kristen is blogging about issues surrounding teen sex on the abc.com/One Life To Live website.
Click here to read Kristen’s blog.
Much like I’ve watched Kristen grow up on OLTL, I’ve also watched Dylan Cash enter GH as little Michael Corinthos III.
He’s not quite a young man yet, but he’s getting there and learning the harsh realities of his father’s business. His father being none other than notorious mob boss, Sonny Corinthos.
Little Michael learned a hard lesson when he bought a gun, trying to emulate his father, and the gun misfired, accidentally shooting his father’s girlfriend, Kate Howard.
Kate survived.
But now a second tragedy.
Sonny’s rival, Claudia Zacchara, issued a hit on Sonny, which was executed by the devious Dr. Devlin.
Problem was that Devlin missed Sonny and hit Michael in the head, the bullet lodging in his brain.
Yes, the storyline is compelling.
But watching it is just so difficult.
It is so hard to watch Michael in the hospital fighting for his life.

As with OLTL, the actors involved in the storyline are giving some powerful performances – especially Laura Wright as Carly, Michael’s heartbroken, out-of-her-mind worried mother.
But again, I watch soaps to kick back, unwind and forget about the world’s problems.
And that’s not happening with these storylines.

3 thoughts on “Not Liking Starr’s Pregnancy and Michael’s Shooting on GH and OLTL

  1. Kimi
    April 10, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    I can understand what you’re saying. Guess soaps must have a balance of the realistic/unrealistic & outlandish to keep everyone watching.
    Neither of these storylines bother me much, probably because these kids are great actors & at least in the case of Michael, I’m surprised it took this long for that to happen.
    I was surprised at Starr’s pregnancy, didn’t expect OLTL to go there. I’m happy Starr addressed that she had unprotected sex & why it was wrong.
    This may sound nuts but a part of me feels like Todd deserves this, which will be his worst nightmare I’m sure.
    He still can’t admit he set this entire situation in motion & I hate how he’s treating Starr & Cole (when is SOMEBODY gonna step up & protect these kids? why were no charges filed for assault on a minor(s)? Where are Markko’s parents? (did I miss something with them?) Todd shoves & threatens Langston like she’s his child, & why does Langston have to turn over her purse for inspection upon entering her own home???!!!! I’m hoping David will help/stand up for her somehow when he returns). The way everybody shrugs off how Todd is treating these minors makes me mad.
    What’s gonna be real interesting is what will Todd do once he finds out? Will he sell Starr’s baby like he did Jack back in the day? Given the actors involved I’m sure it will be executed well & if written right this could be classic soap opera.
    re: GH’s Michael, I’ve read TPTB will probably age him after the coma. They didn’t have to shoot Michael for that to happen, but since GH insists on making the mob the center of this show (instead of the hospital) I “guess” that makes sense.
    It seemed to me even after Michael shot Kate that he may have been sorry it happened, but his overall attitude didn’t change much. And altho it was nice of Kate to let him off the hook I think Jax was absolutely right that Michael needed to learn consequences for his actions.
    Personally I also love the irony. Carly, Sonny & Jason kept Michael away from his biological father AJ cuz he was supposedly the devil incarnate, & Michael’s protectors are the ones who hurt him most in the end. I also wish someone (like Monica, Edward or Tracy) would remind them ALL of that fact.
    Altho I like Laura Wright’s Carly, I’m really enjoying Claudia’s reaction to the shooting. Great actress!

  2. sweetie187
    April 22, 2008 at 10:12 pm

    I have been watching the soaps, honestly since I was three years old, I am now 23. In the case of Star, I really like the way that the show is using her actions to educate a huge generation and that generations parents. However, while I have watched the actress grow and develop, I have to be honest and say that I don’t feel that Kristin’s acting has been that wonderful. I feel that she is giving it her all and for that, much love and respect, but they need to give that girl some lessons. Now I am not saying this in a way that she needs to be replaced, i don’t think anyone else could or should play that role after all of this time, but all of the young adults need to take lessons to show how to show emotions. I remember being a crying teenager, it wasn’t like that.
    As for Micheal, when or if they bring on a new person to play that roll, i might have to give GH a break. Them killing off all of the teen an young adult characters, is not a just reason to over age another one, or to put the young people they have in unrealistic situations. I felt that both of Micheal’s shootings where to mature for his character’s age.

  3. Michele
    April 24, 2008 at 10:43 am

    Hi sweetie187 and welcome to Soapbox!
    I can see how some like the fact that OLTL is attempting to educate teens and parents about the teen pregnancy….However, I think it could have been done a lot better, instead of having the whole s/l start out with Todd punching out Markko and beating Cole to a pulp and then making Starr a prisoner in her own home.
    Like Kimi said in her comment – Todd should have been prosecuted for hitting those kids!
    I think that entire beginning soured me to the s/l, but I do think Brittany and Kristin are doing a good job with it.