I’ve been having this love/hate relationship with One Life To Live lately.
First of all, there’s been WAY too much sadness and doom and gloom,…i.e. Wes killed, Blair stabbed, Matthew paralyzed, Cole arrested and hooked on drugs.
Then there’s poor Shane fighting Leukemia.
It doesn’t get much sadder than that.
And let’s not forget Starr and Cole thinking that their baby is dead, when, in reality, Bess switched Jess’s dead baby with Starr’s live one. So Starr’s baby, Hope, is living under her nose as Jess’s baby Chloe….Whew!
Although….Now Jared and Natalie know the truth, so it will definitely come out. The question is – how long will it take for them to spill. I really, really like them both – separately and together.
Then, to top it all off, there’s the despicable Stacy Morasco, who would let her nephew die if she doesn’t get what she wants – namely Rex!
She is leveraging Shane’s life against Gigi’s willingness to give up Rex.
Stacy is one cold, evil bee-otch!
What I can’t figure out is how she will donate her bone marrow, when, in fact, it’s the mysterious comatose man – aka Rex’s father – who is really the match.
Another hmmm.
btw, I’m going out on a limb about Rex’s father.
l think it’s Mitch Laurence.
I mean, who else could be so evil that Roxy wouldn’t want Rex to know…..
Yeah. In my book, it has to be Mitch, who’s supposedly dead.
On the upside of things, I’m liking the Brody-Jessica pairing! Mark Lawson and Bree Williamson are great together and I would like to see more of that….
But I’m wondering – judging from the previews – if Brody will swoop in to rescue Gigi from her diabolical sister and put his relationship with Jess in jeopardy….hmm. Hope not!
Then again, Jess/Tess/Bess, has a whole set of issues to deal with…
Can you say integration?
But, for me, Friday’s ending made my whole week.
I Love the fact that Tea is switching sides against Todd. Love It!
And I particularly loved the surprise ending in court, when John McBain (Michael Easton) stood up [dramatic pause] and said he was Blair’s new husband.
Oooo La La!
This presents a whole new realm of possibilities, that I, for one, am looking forward to.
Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

4 thoughts on “OLTL: A Love/Hate Relationship

  1. nancy
    March 30, 2009 at 10:53 am

    As sad as OLTL has been, it has been great to watch. All around the acting is amazing. I too am befuddled about the bone marrow donor thing. Interesting to see how that plays. Has to be Mitch Laurence in the bed.

  2. Michele
    March 30, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    Hi Nancy,
    ITA. The acting all around has been Phenomenal!
    What a great cast and they have been really been flexing their acting chops!

  3. Kimi
    April 2, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    I agree with you both, that has to be Mitch Lawrence in the bed which would be a great twist on several levels. Wouldn’t that make Jess/Rex siblings? Guess it’s a good thing they never really hooked up back in the day LOL!
    There’s gotta be more to this Stacy story. All this over Rex? He’s a cutie but COME ON NOW! She probably makes more $ as a stripper! But ya know wha I’d LOVE to see Stacy try to manipulate Mitch & have him give her what she really deserves. Mitch is nuts but don’t mess with his kids & that’s what she’s doing.
    I’m really liking Jess/Brody too & I hope he tells her the truth about what’s going on. Same for Gigi/Rex she should just fess up & then outsmart Stacy together but that’s too easy right? 🙂
    I also loved Tea turning on Todd altho I’m scared of what he’s gonna do next. Altho I’m not a John/Blair fan, I liked the twist of them getting married.
    Jared & Nat need to fess up too before they get caught out there holding another secret & be banished from the Buchanan fam for good this time. I’m finally over the whole “Uncle Jared” thing, don’t muck it up OLTL 🙂 Not to mention Todd’s vengeance when he finds out – why not just tell Vicki? Again, too easy, right LOL
    Overall tho, the show is great these days!

  4. Michele
    April 2, 2009 at 1:05 pm

    Kimi, You and I are TOTALLY on the same wave length re: Jared and Nat telling Viki…and, especially, about Jess/Brody and Gigi/Rex. Remember when Brody told Gigi that she should tell Rex the whole thing and make like they really broke up when they didn’t in order to get the bone marrow….
    But, no, the writers want to put the fans through all this angst. I think there’s something wrong with Stacy psychologically. There has to be for her to carry this torch from when she was in *junior high* and then throw her sister and her nephew under the bus for this fantasy life…It’s CRAZY!