Why is it that when Antonio Vega finds happiness on One Life To Live it only lasts about five minutes?
I was really liking the fact that he and Talia Sahid finally got together – and now I’m really hating the fact that he is getting all angry and jealous over Talia’s working relationship with John McBain (Michael Easton).
Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE John McBain….And, yeah, he hasn’t found happiness either.
In fact, quite the opposite. McBain has ended up with heartache from any of his relationships. But that’s a topic for another day.
For the most part, I’ve liked what Ron Carlivati has done with the soap since taking over the head writing duties last fall.
But I’m HATING the way he is making Antonio angry again.
Antonio and Talia
Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes) has a gentle and kind side to him, particularly towards his daughter, Jamie.
So why, after Antonio survived that awful Jessica/Nash cheating fiasco and finally gets together with Talia (BethAnn Bonner) is he reverting back to that nasty Santi anger.
And, of course, that wacko, dirty police commissioner Lee Ramsey (Hunt Block) is behind all of this nonsense.
Ramsey is the new Spencer Truman.
I say, get rid of Ramsey!
Check out this video of Antonio confronting Talia in the police station.

I implore you, Ron, please give Antonio and Talia a chance.
Give us back the nice Antonio!

One thought on “OLTL’s Antonio Vega – Angry Again

  1. Kimi
    April 7, 2008 at 12:21 pm

    Okay I really want to like Antonio & get into his relationship with Talia, but the way he’s acting now is what made me dislike him back when he was with Jessica. This time it bothers me more because he knows John wouldn’t backstab him like that.
    I’m really really hoping that this trio may be trying to set up Ramsey somehow & this is all an act. Seems like most disagreements occur in public places. But more than anything else, I’m really just hoping Antonio isn’t that big of a _________ (fill in appropriate expletive).