So, I was watching Friday’s episode of One Life to Live on SOAPnet. (Ahhh, SOAPnet. The best invention since the apple cordger. It cores, it wedges. Now if it could just peel, too … but perhaps that’s more greatness than one gadget can bear.)
Anyway, I’m not much for spoilers, except General Hospital. I’m kind of a junkie in that regard. But all the other soaps, not so much.
You can imagine my surprise, then, as I watched the scenes with Clint and Nora. You know the ones. Them in the stables. He’s taking her for a ride, teaching her how to get in the saddle and such. I guess I should have known by the imagery that OLTL was heading somewhere with this. I just never would have expected it of these two.
Of course, at first I thought this is simply an innocent setup that Dorian is going to blow out of proportion. When Nigel informed Ms. Lord that Clint and Nora had gone riding, I chuckled at her reaction. It was even funnier when Alex chimed in about how romantic a moonlit horseback ride would be.
Yep, I assured myself, this is another plot point to cause misunderstandings between Clint and Dorian.
Boy, was I wrong.
As soon as OLTL cut to the stables, and I saw Clint and Nora making googly eyes at each other as they shared awkward pauses and flirty laughter … well, let’s say my “soapy senses” kicked in and the realization of what was happening burst out like a horse from the starting gate.
Clint was going to make a play for his brother’s ex-wife, his nephew’s mother, his ex-wife’s dear friend. And Nora was going to let him.
Let the kissing commence.
I’ll be honest. I’m not sure how I feel about it.
I believe the ship sailed on Bo and Nora long ago, which is a shame, because they were really great together. But too much has happened, and they don’t hold the same appeal for me. I’m actually more intrigued by a Bo/Lindsay pairing.
However, that doesn’t mean I’m ready for Clint to start macking on his ex-sister-in-law.
It seems like a love connection between Clint and Nora is out of left field. But I adore the too-often-underused Hillary B. Smith, and I think Jerry verDorn actually makes a better Clint than the original. With these actors at the helm, I think it could work.
I just need a little time to get over the shock.
And I’m sure Dorian does, as well.

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One thought on “OLTL’s Clint and Nora: Nope, never saw it coming

  1. Kimi
    November 27, 2007 at 11:20 am

    I hate to see Dorian get the shaft … again.
    Plus after the initial shock of a Clint/Nora union, not sure I see much future potential there but who knows.
    I do agree that Bo/Nora is a done deal & look forward to a Bo/Lindsay pairing, even if it is a bit hypocritical (Bo could never forgive Nora for lying about Sam, but he can forgive Lindsay for all of the crazy stuff she’s done over the years?).
    But I love the Lindsay character so much that I almost don’t care who they pair her with & to me, Bo hasn’t been interesting since he broke up with Lindsay years ago so … guess I’ll just have to stay tuned 🙂