By Michele Dargan

One thing that I’m liking on One Life To Live these days is new BFF’s John McBain and Brody Lovett.

I’ve taken notice of the way, Michael Easton as the dashing Det. McBain and Mark Lawson as Navy Seal-turned-police-officer Brody Lovett have had some really strong performances together.

Easton and Lawson play very well off each other and, as far as I’m concerned, command the viewer’s attention.

Check out these scenes as McBain explains to Lovett about the diabolical Mitch Laurence.

The chemistry of the two cops working together has been evident to me since Brody joined the police force and began working with the seasoned veteran cop, McBain.

This video shows the aftermath of Laurence’s stabbing as Brody springs into action, unaware as to exactly what happened and sensing there’s more to the story….

And how about the video below where Brody interviews Laurence in the hospital?

It was great the way Brody remains basically unfazed while he questions arch-villain Mitch Laurence following his “self-inflicted stabbing as Laurence goes through all his machinations.

Roscoe Born as Mitch is so good at playing a psycho, isn’t he?

How about when he’s SCREAMING at Brody to search McBain for the letter opener…And when Brody doesn’t move, Mitch asks why he’s not searching McBain?

But before Brody can answer, McBain says sooo matter-of-factly, “Because you’re in-sane and everybody knows it!”
How True!

Yes, John is compromising everything he stands for as a cop to cover up Natalie stabbing Mitch….

But, you see, that’s what I love about McBain. He’s so loyal to a fault and he will do anything to protect those he cares about – even if it means he goes down for it.

Frankly, I can see the writing on the wall….or, at least I think I can.

I’m thinking the writers are going to reunite John and Natalie for round 3 of Jolie.

Just a guess.

And here’s another guess.

Marty’s been conspicuously absent from John’s life lately…and I’m thinking they may be bringing back Thorsten Kaye as Patrick Thornhart, which would reunite him with real-life wife Susan Haskell as Marty.

Kaye is not moving with All My Children to California. And they never found Patrick’s body in Ireland….

Getting back to John and Brody….

Did you notice – at the end – John tells Brody to make a full report of everything that was said – keeping Brody clean from the entire situation.

Again, McBain puts himself on the line to protect everyone else.

You see, I always go for the “good guys.” I never really quite got the concept of falling for the bad boys and evil doers….just not my thing.

So, in my book, good guys finish first.

Which puts McBain and Lovett at the top of the list.

4 thoughts on “OLTL’s McBain & Lovett = Good Soap Watching

  1. Jen
    December 22, 2009 at 10:08 am

    I love Brody.

    I’m confused about Susan Haskell (Marty). She won an Emmy for OLTL, yet she is never on the show? I wouldn’t get excited about a Patrick return (I think there are a small fraction of people who would) but it would be interesting to see what they did with him.

    With budget issues and cutting people loose, there are other people I’d like to see back on the canvas before Patrick. But that’s just me. *wink*

  2. soapbox1
    December 22, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    Hi Jen,

    I would like Thorsten Kaye to return as Patrick because of three things: the history between the two characters, the chemistry between the two actors and I love TK! I really like him as Zach on AMC and am sorry that he will not be on there anymore.
    But AMC’s loss – I hope – will be OLTL’s gain.
    Thanks for posting,

  3. Jen
    December 23, 2009 at 1:41 am

    I have seen very little of TK’s chemistry with SH on OLTL, because I’m a newer viewer. What I have seen came from old clips on YouTube, and it wasn’t a lot. I can assume, however, that chemistry would come very naturally to TK and SH!

    Two things that would be nice if Patrick came back: 1. Cole would get his dad back, but with tension because his father has missed so much. 2. More chemistry or storyline for Marty? I need to know why I should watch her, and I haven’t been seeing it at all since the court scenes.

    I have enjoyed watching Zach on AMC.

    Still, I worry who OLTL would have to lose in order to add more cast members. Seems like they’re going to end up with a few contract actors and lots of recurring players.

    Soaps are heading back in the right direction by bringing back old favorites though! The execs on shows that are deciding to do that are making good decisions, IMO.

  4. Kimi
    January 25, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    I think bringing back Patrick would be great for Marty and Cole’s storylines. I liked John/Marty, but didn’t “love” them, and never liked John/Blair. I was a John/Natalie fan so wouldn’t be mad if they reunited. John seems to be becoming that guy that wants to save his woman and once he does, he moves on.

    Love John/Brody working together on the Mitch stuff. I see a real partnership forming there that can go a long way on the show.