I love sibling interaction on soaps.
Whether it’s the timeless awesomeness of the Bradys on Days of Our Lives, or the never-ending animosity between Ric and Sonny on General Hospital, I am always entertained by the interplay between brothers and sisters on daytime TV.
My latest enjoyment has come from watching Natalie (Melissa Archer) and Jessica (Bree Williamson) on One Life to Live.
What fascinates me about these two is that, though they are fraternal twins, they only became aware of each other about a decade ago.
Only in soaps, eh?
When first introduced, Natalie was a girl with a secret. A scheming, up-to-no-good girl, at that.
Turns out, she was Viki and Clint’s daughter, although machinations by Mitch Lawrence and others resulted in a childhood that was far from the luxury and warmth she would have found in the bosom of the Buchanan family. That had been reserved for her twin, Jessica.
To say Natalie harbored a tiny bit of resentment for her more-fortunate twin would be an understatement.
Through the years, though, Natalie and Jessica developed a real, deep and touching bond.
What’s truly ironic is that their personalities have kind of switched.
Since Jessica developed her alter-ego Tess, and they were integrated, she’s become harder-edged and more of a risk taker.
Natalie, on the other hand, has softened and has been the voice of reason during their ongoing Allison adventure.
But I guess that’s what siblings do for each other. Provide balance. Whether adding to the mischievousness of your life or bringing you back down to earth when you need it most, brothers and sisters play an important role in your development as an individual.
It’s nice to see that connection and influence recognized on soaps.

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