I have been so thrilled with One Life to Live lately.
Usually, Michele’s the one waxing poetic about the show. And usually I think she’s just a tad bit biased because, well, OLTL is her favorite!
But, I have to admit, the drama (and humor) in Llanview has really been kicking into high gear.
Between Carlo (He’s Talia’s father!) and Cain (He’s passing himself off as a prince!) and Tina (She’s a “princess” with a dog named David Vickers!) and David (He’s just all around fabulous!) and Marty (She has amnesia and is counting on the one man she shouldn’t!), the show is just one breathless, can’t-turn-my-eyes-away moment after the next.
And those are just the returning characters. There’s also a slew of stories — intriguing, heartbreaking and funny — surrounding veterans and people who have consistently been on the canvas.
The history-driven rivalries of Nora/Lindsay and Viki/Dorian. The return of Jessica’s other personality, a vengeful Tess, who simply drips hatred for her unsuspecting sister, Natalie. The bubbling romance between Gigi and Rex. The Vega men in hero mode.
Perhaps my favorite? The drama surrounding Starr and Cole’s unborn child.
Check out some of the recent scenes propelling this story.

The absolute beauty of this tale is not just that it touches on a very real issue. No, it’s the way OLTL has woven so many characters into the fabric of the story.
This is not simply about a teen pregnancy, a topic that on it’s own would breed complexity and resonance. It’s a story about young love (Starr/Cole). It’s a story about a dominating father (Todd) and how far he’s willing to go. It’s a story about a mother (Blair) finally standing up for her children. It’s a story about a woman (Marcie) who desperately wants a child and finds herself drawn into the Mannings’ sphere once more. It’s a story about adoption. It’s a story about teen parenthood. It’s a story about a mother’s rights vs. a father’s in regards to an unborn child.
There’s love. And loss. And hope. And fear.
See what I mean?
OLTL isn’t missing a beat.

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One thought on “One Life to Live: A thrill a minute

  1. Michele
    July 8, 2008 at 9:24 am

    Ah, Kara…You so aptly captured why I love this show!
    Especially now…coming upon it’s 40th anniversary on July 15th. There’s supposed to be some big surprises in store.
    I can’t wait to turn on OLTL because it has more twists and turns by the day!
    Carlo Hesser as Talia’s father? Didn’t see that coming – and wondering where it will lead…