It was just a couple of short weeks ago that I couldn’t wait to get home and turn on One Life To Live.
I LOVED the 40th anniversary plotlines….the Mendorra one was iffy – but I loved the ending with Carlo and Jonas in bed together. That was just so entertaining!
Well, here.
Watch for yourself. Tina’s reaction is so funny!

I also LOVED the 40th anniversary Viki in heaven s/l when she was reunited with Ben.
And I really LOVED the 1968 plotline the most – although not everybody did and it did go on a wee bit too long.
But, hey, nothing’s perfect and not everyone is going to love everything.
Let’s get back to what’s happening now.
The only s/l that I’m interested in is Gigi/Rex/Brody and the John/Blair possibilities.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those who is going to stop watching OLTL.
Not gonna happen.
It’s my favorite.
Always has been.
HOWEVER, and notice that big however, there are so many things that I don’t like about it right now and I’m starting to wonder how head writer Ron Carlivati could go from so good – to so bad.
Let’s start with the Bo/Lindsay jail scene.
Bo (Robert S. Woods) walking away from Lindsay (Catherine Hickland) was just ludicrous to me.
First of all, it’s plain stupid that she’s in jail at all, because her defense should have been that she killed Spencer Truman to protect Blair, who was about to be raped.
Put that aside.
I would have thought that the fact that Bo saw his past, looked at how he lived his life and settled things in his head regarding his father – it would have given him the peace of mind to allow him to forgive Lindsay and stand by her.
All of his broken relationships in the past were because he’s been unable to forgive.
And, yes, it was because he always wanted to be the anti-Asa, which has endeared him to everyone (including me).
But here’s the thing, you can be a good person, do the right thing and also forgive those you love for mistakes that they’ve made.
You would think that looking back on the fact that he survived Vietnam might spur him to live life to the fullest.
Okay. You get the picture. I hated that Bo walked away from Lindsay.
Let’s move on to Todd (Trevor St. John) and Marty (Susan Haskell).
That s/l just gets creepier and creepier.
The idea that the man who raped her is basically holding her prisoner, because she’s an invalid who can’t remember her past – well it kinda makes my skin crawl.
It’s basically Stockholm Syndrome at it’s worst, because she doesn’t remember that she has a son and a life.
And she doesn’t know that John McBain was devastated by her “death.”
All she knows are the lies that Todd is feeding her.
And now he’s planning on getting a hold of Starr’s child and raise it with his captive.
The whole s/l is just icky.
And let’s not even talk about that kiss.
Then there’s Tess.
Paging Jessica!
Bree Williamson, portrayer, of Jess/Tess, is so talented. Those scenes of Nash’s death as Jess – well she certainly deserves an Emmy for those.
Now, as her alter Tess, she does such a great job being evil that it’s scary. And that’s why I hate Tess.
I HATE the fact that she locked Tina and her poor little dog in the sound-proof cellar room.
And now she drugged Natalie…..Hate that too!
It’s no wonder Tess and Todd struck a deal – devil to devil.
Getting back to Todd, there’s one more thing that I hate and it’s the fault of the writing.
I hate the fact that Todd has become this monster.
Since, Trevor St. John took over the role, he showed a kinder, gentler Todd, which is what I really liked.
Now, Todd has reverted back to being a monster, like he was written back in the Roger Howarth days. So maybe the writers are trying to appease the Roger fans. I really don’t know. All I know is I want the nicer side of Todd back.
I have to say, TSJ is so talented he switches from evil Todd to nice Todd so deftly that one minute I love Todd and the next minute I hate him. That’s a tribute to TSJ’s acting.
I hate the Marcie and Michael split. They belong together. And I hated that Marcie was sad when she watched Michael dancing with Layla.
And what about the Vince/Layla split? Talk about that coming out of nowhere. I was stunned and saddened by that one, because I like Tika Sumpter and Tobias Truvillion together.
Regarding the Clint/Nora split, I wasn’t a big fan of the pairing in the beginning.
Now, just as I’m starting to like them together – WHAM – they split up.
Just as fans start to get invested in the pair, they go bye bye as a couple? I hope not.
And what about Christian being knocked over the head and kidnapped.
What the h*** is that about?
Christian has been through the wringer. He really has.
And now, just as he and Sarah are about to find happiness, he’ s kidnapped?
OLTL need a serious writing makeover – STAT!

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