Has anyone listened to Robin Strasser’s recording on her hotline this week?
Because if you haven’t heard it – you gotta call.
It’s (212) 414-5300.
Call now.
You won’t believe some of the things that she says…Out Loud!
Strasser, who plays the indomitable Dorian Lord on One Life To Live, has been the talk of the internet soap world this week about her hotline message.
It’s different.
A bit kooky.
And rambling.
Definitely rambling.
She starts out by talking to her dogs and then says she never recorded a hotline message while picking up dog poop.
You see while she was recording the message, Strasser was walking her dogs in Central Park.
And throughout the rambling diatribe,she gets distracted several times by her dogs barking at other dogs, stops to talk to the other dog owners and loses her train of thought.
But the long-winded and sometimes distracted nature of the message is not the only thing that has soap fans buzzing.
It’s the content of the recording.
She talks a lot about the fact that she hasn’t been working much this summer.
And she doesn’t understand why she isn’t working, since Dorian just came off of a major storyline with the B.E. takeover —– and now, nothing, she says.
Strasser voices her displeasure – quite vocally – about the fact that she’s not been working and questions why the writers aren’t writing for her.
Now that’s a woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind, like her alter-ego, Dorian.
And I love Strasser’s portrayal of the hard-driving, scheming, take-no-prisoners character.
There have been other women in the role over the years, but, to me, Strasser is THE Dorian Lord.
On the hotline, Strasser also talks about a rumor that, apparently, has been on some message boards, although I’ve never seen it.
I’m not going to get into it here, because it’s a bit shocking.
So I’ll let you call and listen for yourself.
And there’s one other thing that made me really sad.
Strasser talks about one of her dogs who is very ill.
She thought the dog was going to die two weeks ago.
But the dog rallied and was still alive when Strasser recorded the message on Saturday and Strasser was very grateful for the extra time she had with her.
And all of us animal lovers understand and empathize with her.

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