When you talk about a long-standing rivalry, it doesn’t get much better than Lindsay Rappaport and Nora Hanen on One Life To Live.
So when Nora was tapped to present Llanview’s 2007 Woman of the Year Award and then found out that Lindsay was the honoree, well, how awkward!
Who can forget when Lindsay helped psycho Colin MacIver hold Nora hostage and shoot her up with a memory-erasing drug.
How about the time she hit Nora with her car on a bridge, catapulting Nora over the side?
Then there was their great Thanksgiving Day food fight…Let’s just say there was a lot of whipped cream squirted about.
Those were some of the wonderful flashbacks shown last week while Nora desperately searched for tactful words to honor Lindsay.
The irony is inescapable.
It was nearly a decade ago that Lindsay burst into the very same ceremony when Nora was being honored. She dropped the bombshell that Nora had cheated on Bo, thus ruining their marriage.
Over the past couple of years, the two have mellowed a bit, particularly after Lindsay’s daughter, Jen, was murdered and Nora’s house was burned down by a racist/bigot.
So when Nora settled into her Woman of the Year speech and began describing the truly wonderful things Lindsay has done with her life since Jen’s death, hopefully a box of Kleenex was within reach.
Then came Lindsay’s emotional breakdown as she accepted her award, ending with her arrest and the revelation that she killed Spencer Truman!
Yes, the curse of the Woman of the Year award remains intact.
Kudos to Hillary B. Smith as Nora and Catherine Hickland as Lindsay for some powerful performances! Hillary grew up right here in Palm Beach by the way.
Hopefully those two very talented vets will get much-deserved and long overdue storylines of their own.
So what down-and-dirty daytime duo has you longing for a cat fight?

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