The Rage of Todd Manning – Part II
Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse….
Picking up from yesterday’s One Life To Live blog, when Todd slapped around teenager, Markko, in order to find out where his daughter, Starr, went with her boyfriend, Cole.
Well THAT was only the tip of the iceberg!
Wednesday was just way too intense
Where do I begin?
OK. I’m beginning at the end.
Because THAT was my favorite part.
When my absolute FAVE character, John McBain, pounds on the door of La Boule.
Todd answers the door and McBain decks Todd, knocking him to the floor!
“Touch the kid again and I’ll kill you,” McBain said.
Yeah, I really like Michael Easton portraying the veteran cop, McBain.
Getting back to Todd, he roughs up Markko so that Langston, Starr’s best friend, will tell Todd where Starr and Cole went – and she does.
The two lovebirds went to Langston’s vacant house to make love for the first time….
At least it was supposed to be the first time….but before they got to it, Todd (Trevor St. John) burst into the bedroom and began beating and kicking Cole (Brandon Buddy).
Starr (Kristen Alderson) is screaming and crying for him to stop.
It was really hard to watch.
Let’s keep in mind this is a man assaulting a teenager.
And I don’t mean a few slaps – it was an out and out assault.
Then Blair (Kassie DePaiva) bursts in and tries to step in. She finally separates Todd from Cole and tells Cole to run.
Starr is devastated by her father’s actions.
The scenes of the aftermath between mother and daughter were so real and so raw. Kudos to both Kassie and Kristen for giving us some powerful performances.
When Todd, Blair and Starr get back home, Todd insisted that Cole raped Starr.
It seems like he is having some kind of flashbacks to his rape of Marty – who happens to be Cole’s deceased mother.
Yes, it was Cole’s mother, Marty Saybrooke, who Todd raped 20-plus years earlier.
So, I ask, has Todd totally lost it?
Is he having some sort of psychological episode where he has broken from reality?
Or, is he simply psycho?
You decide.

One thought on “Todd Manning Goes From Bad to Worse on OLTL

  1. Kimi
    March 6, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    Stick a fork in me, I’m done.
    Let’s see he raised his hand to 4 kids, including his own, pummelled 2 and raised his hand to his wife.
    & those comments he made to Langston about were horrible.
    I’m not convinced it was a psychotic break but more Todd needed to “believe” Starr was being raped for some reason … which is twisted in itself considering there was zero evidence of that when he walked in.
    I guess he can always play the psychotic break thing for the courts if Cole & Markko press charges which I really hope they do. Especially once Nora gets wind of this, it’s on.
    I really hope Dorian puts Todd out of her house this time for real & doesn’t let Blair talk her out of it. He raised his hand to Langston & that shouldn’t be brushed off.
    The icing on the cake would be if somehow M&M got Tommy/Sam back especially since Todd already signed off on her release. That would be kismet. (I know, wishful thinking lol)
    I just wish John McBain would’ve beat up on him a little more & then arrested his sorry butt.