Just when I’m liking One Life To Live‘s Todd Manning again, what does he do?
He goes ballistic, beating up on Markko, a teenage boy, in order to get some information out of him!
I was appalled at the way he was whaling away on Markko – and, judging by the previews, he will be punching out Cole today.
Isn’t that called child abuse since they’re under 18?
When disgraced FBI agent turned police commish Lee Ramsey entered Llanview, he is so vile that he actually made Todd look like a good guy!
Not that Todd is really a bad person, because he has a lot of good qualities – namely being a good father.
Trevor St. John

Trevor St. John, who portrays Todd, reminds me a lot of Rick Hearst, who plays Ric Lansing, on General Hospital.
Here’s why: they both have done some pretty despicable things.
For Todd, his biggest crime was raping Marty Saybrooke many years ago.
For Ric, I would say chaining a pregnant Carly in a soundproof room in order to steal her baby is probably at the top of his list.
The thing about both these very talented actors is that they can turn on the charm so fast that the viewer immediately forgives them their transgressions.
I have liked Trevor St.John ever since he entered the scene as Walker Laurence – later revealing he was really Todd Manning.
I really enjoy his portrayal of Todd, because Trevor brings a lot of depth to the role.
To be honest, I never liked Todd when his originator, Roger Howarth, portrayed him.
Roger seemed to always show the dark side of Todd; whereas I feel that Trevor brings many layers and nuances to the character.
Not to say, Roger did a bad job. Not at all.
Hey, he won a Daytime Emmy for the role.
Scads of fans still adore Roger as Todd to this day. I prefer him as Paul Ryan on As The World Turns.
Just my preference.
As for Todd, I just happen to like the kinder, gentler version.
Although, Todd’s actions yesterday, were far from that.
This new turn of events…where Todd is violent to teenage boys…it’s his dark side reemerging.
And I’m not liking it at all.

3 thoughts on “Todd Manning’s Rage Surfaces Once Again

  1. Kimi
    March 5, 2008 at 10:41 am

    I didn’t like that either. I’m actually hoping Markko presses charges or SOMETHING against Todd but since he’s dating Starr’s BFF & is friends w/Starr, the chances of that happening are slim.
    Too bad that didn’t happen before Marcie lost custody of Tommy, that could’ve helped her case.
    I actually prefer this Todd too but it’s probably cuz I watched him from his inception as Walker, I didn’t watch OLTL back when Roger Horvath’s version raped Marty.
    I know its just a soap but I get so tired of some characters who ALWAYS get away with everything (Sonny, Jason, Todd) with zero repercussions, yet are loved by all regardless (guess Todd doesn’t really fit in that latter category tho lol). I like Ric better, he does his dirt but he has lost a lot behind his actions. Todd only seems to benefit from his nastiness. JMHO.

  2. Kara
    March 5, 2008 at 10:47 pm

    Hi, Kimi and Michele.
    It’s times like these when I’m reminded why I wanted Michael and Marcie to keep Tommy/Sam.
    But Todd is Todd. No matter who plays him, he has a nasty, dirty streak. It’s part of the layers of his character.
    Beating up teens, however, is super icky, even for Todd. Hopefully, there will be some kind of repercussion, and something tells me it will come from Starr.

  3. Michele
    March 5, 2008 at 11:34 pm

    Kimi, You are so right! I do wish this happened before they took Tommy away from M&M and gave him back to Todd. I’m posting a follow-up on Thursday, after Wednesday’s explosive eppy!