By Michele Dargan

WHAT has been going on with all of the actor exits on our favorite soap operas recently?????

It seems we need a scorecard these days just to keep up with who’s leaving which soap.

Earlier this month, Mark Hapka, Nathan on Days of Our Lives, got the axe after being involved in a front-burner storyline.

Now we find out that two more Days actors are leaving: Shelley Hennig (Stephanie) and Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip).

Paula, over at Paula’s Soapbox, discusses the recent DOOL exits and the possible impact on current storylines.

Click here to read her Days blog titled “On the Outs: DOOL.”

Meanwhile in the past few days, there’s been a plethora of exits on the ABC soaps.

Melissa Claire Egan (Annie Lavery/AMC) is leaving. She opted not to renew her contract.

Melissa Claire Egan (Annie/AMC)

THAT is definitely a BIG loss to AMC. Annie added so much to life to the show and Egan was so much fun to watch…particularly when she turned into Crazy Annie!

Egan posted a letter to her fans on her official website.

It says, in part: “After 4 and a half incredible years as a member of the All My Children cast, I have made the extremely difficult decision to leave the Pine Valley family that I have come to love and respect so much.

“It has been an amazing 4 and a half years for me! I have had the privilege and honor of working with the most talented and fun cast, crew, producers and directors imaginable. I have learned so much from them and am forever indebted. To wake up each morning and love going to work is a true blessing for which I am unbelievably grateful!”

And over at One Life To Live, Brittany Underwood (Langston/OLTL) has been fired.

Another BIG loss….I so enjoyed watching Langston grow from the “freak” in high school into a Cramer woman.

Perhaps the biggest shocker of all….

Rebecca Herbst, who has played Elizabeth Webber FOR-ever on General Hospital, was let go.

Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth)


Although, I have to say, the writers have totally ruined the character over the past several years….they turned Elizabeth…who survived a brutal rape all those years ago…who used to be a strong, kind, giving person…into a jealous, insecure – and I might add annoying – character.

Be that as it may, I still loved to watch Herbst onscreen because of her talent.

Not to mention that the character is steeped in so much GH history!

Paula, over at Paula’s Soapbox, has written a blog about her take on Herbst’s firing and speculates on how Elizabeth will be written out.

Paula also discusses how Elizabeth’s exit will impact the characters in her universe – like Lucky, Nikolas, Jason and her children.

Click here to read Paula’s blog about Herbst’s exit: “Farewell to Possibilities: GH.”

2 thoughts on “What’s Up With All The Recent Actor Exits?

  1. Paula
    January 21, 2011 at 12:35 am

    Hi Michele!

    Well, until just a few minutes ago I actually thought that Melissa Claire Egan said something about leaving a few months ago or there was a rumor she was leaving or something until I read the breaking news on Can you tell that my head is practically spinning with all these casting changes? It’s affecting almost every single soap right now.


  2. Saher M
    January 27, 2011 at 1:07 pm

    liz is the heart of this show, for me. she`s an everyday woman whom everyone can relate to. she`s a legacy character with relations to steve and audrey hardy, along with 3 other core PC families. she`s a constant staple of gh, and doing this is an immense disrespect to long-time fans, & an insult 2 me as one as well, with it showing gh’s tptb’s perspective about audience’s value of gh’s legacy. i’m outraged, & as soon as i heard, i took gh off my DVR! she`s the person that i grew up watching and shè`s like a second family to me. they have unnecessary newbie claire lying around to feed into sonny’s god-like ego, but having a single mother on this show for once, who works hard for her kids is a crime, wth?!?!? well, like i said, gh’s tptb, get ready for low no.’s, because they’re coming at you. fire guza and fronz and have sri rao be the HW. atleast we won’t have misogynists running this show.
    well, for me, when gh proves that it has faith in it’s fans then I will have faith in it. no gh for me, until becky`s rehired. whatever happens. this is my right and it`s how i feel.
    but that`s JMO. Well, this is a big mistake on tptb`s part, and that too of a vet like this one who has been loyal to this joke of a soap for 13 years and is always good, like this. Like i said before, until becky is rehired, there`s no gh for me.
    on the other hand, liz is a well-established core character with so many ties to the show. big mistake on tptb’s part. and now this by franco. well, i am not giving my ratings to abc and so are not a lot of others. gh has flushed itself down the toilet. screw them.
    i have already stopped watching, and that will continue to remain so until becky is rehired. i’m fighting for her right now (snail mail, emails, phone-calls, vote, petition, comments, and many other things) , and hope it happens, but still if wherever becky goes, i will follow her, she’s my becky/lizzie (as steve calls her – that i love), and will always have my heart, like a permanent lock. so, until becky is rehired, there’s no gh for me.