Anyone else loving the way One Life To Live has been interconnecting the Paris, Texas and Llanview, PA storylines and characters?
Because I am!
It is just amazing to me how head writer Ron Carlivati has turned OLTL 180 degrees in the right direction.
He is rectifying all the convoluted storylines set in motion by the previous head writer.
One of the main things he is doing is giving good substantive storylines to the OLTL vets, with Erika Slezak (Viki) a 35-year veteran out front in a wonderful, creative storyline of her own as a waitress.
Victoria Lord Davidson….heiress….newspaper publisher….former mayor….former Dean of Llanview University…
Waitress at the Bonjour Cafe in Paris, TX?
I love it!
It has been pure fun watching Viki interact with the new characters at the Bonjour – Moe, Noelle and Gigi….
Not to mention watching Viki slowly begin a new relationship with Charlie B. (Brian Kerwin) – who we now know is Charlie Banks…as in Jared Banks’ father.
That part, I’m not so crazy about.
Cause I’m not so crazy about Jared.
But that’s fodder for another day.
Getting back to the Paris, TX storyline – I really have loved everything about it.
The material has really given Slezak a chance to shine in a front-burner storyline – which has been long overdue.
Viki is also long overdue for a love interest and I really enjoy the chemistry between Slezak and Kerwin.
And watching Carlivati intertwining and connecting the Paris characters to Llanview has been a gift each day.
How about Dorian, Viki’s nemesis, overhearing that Jared is really Charlie’s son?
And the topper was on Friday’s episode, when Dorian saw the photo of Viki in the waitress uniform together with Charlie.
I can’t wait to see what havoc Dorian (Robin Strasser) will wreak with that information.
I didn’t see the Rex/Gigi connection coming…. I’m looking forward to the possibilities there.
I’m assuming that Shane, Gigi’s son, is Rex’s son…..but I guess there could be another twist.
And then there’s the whole Marcie babynapping storyline ending up in Paris.
I tell ya, I was on the edge of my seat watching Friday’s episode.
First, Michael was shot and then Viki discovered the photo of Marcie and Tommy and realized that the two were right under her nose at the Bonjour!
If Kathy Brier doesn’t get an Emmy nod after all the heartwrenching performances that she’s turned in….
Bottom line is that she so deserves one.
And when Marcie walked into the Bonjour and came face to face with Viki…..
Cliffhanger Friday.
Tune in today.
I sure will.

One thought on “You Gotta Love Paris….Paris,Texas, that is, on One Life To Live

  1. Kimi
    January 9, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    I’ve been doing a lotta OT & haven’t had a chance to watch Monday’s episode, but I am looking forward to watching it.
    I am also enjoying the Paris Texas/Llanview connections.
    I’m not a Jared fan either … probably because he’s already chosen $ over Natalie. But I’m tolerating him solely because of Charlie, & to see how they mend this relationship.
    Not to mention, Charlie is gonna have to make a choice soon, tell his new girl Vicki the truth about his son’s machinations & risk losing his son for good, or lose Vicki.
    I thought for sure they were gonna hook Gigi up w/John now that Marty’s gone. But I’m also looking forward to Rex/Gigi possibilities, along w/Shane being Rex’s son.
    I tolerated Rex/Adrianna, but was never a fan. Can’t wait to see how this plays out, I liked Rex/Gigi’s intial scenes together & can’t wait for Shane to meet his grandma Roxy & for Gigi to interact with her as well.
    And yes, Kathy Brier deserves at the very least, a nomination. She has been outstanding lately & I know there’s more to come from her once she has to give up Tommy/Sam.
    Kara or Michele – can you tell me what Gigi told Todd when he asked if Marcie was taking care of his kid? The sound on my cable went out at that exact moment & I didn’t hear what she said or his response. I’m sure it was complimentary, but just wondering what she said & Todd’s reaction to it. Thanks!