It’s been a few weeks since Super Soap Weekend 2008 ended.
I had posted some interviews in the days that followed.
But then came Thanksgiving and some traveling and now I can get back to some unfinished business.
Namely: more interviews.
I’ll start with Brandon Barash, Johnny Zacchara on General Hospital.
Before I get to the interview, I have to tell you….He was so good with all the fans.
Incredibly nice, actually.
He not only met and spent time with all of the people with FastPasses AND all the standbys, but he also went around the railing and signed autographs and took photos with many of those people who waited patiently outside of his booth.
He was so friendly and nice to everyone and he looked like he was having such a good time.
Brandon went above and beyond what was expected of him and all of the fans who I talked to just raved about how nice he was.
Now to the interview.
Brandon described his alter ego, Johnny Zacchara, as being “like an onion. He’s got a lot of layers.”
Where would he like to see Johnny go as a character?
“I like where he is right now,” Brandon said. “I like the ‘to be or not to be’ struggle that he has going on. I like that his external instinct is to lash out and be rough and his internal struggle and instinct is to be a kind guy…to be a human being, and those instincts have been shut down and repressed through the years because of his father so I would like to see him explore more layers.
On working with Kirsten Storms (Maxie):
“Kirsten is a lot of fun to work with. It’s kind of hard not to have chemistry with Kirsten. She is who she is and she gives it her all and she’s great. I remember filming those scenes in the elevator when Johnny and Maxie were trapped and you can’t resist her. You can’t.”
And what does he think about Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) and Johnny?
“She brings the Yin to his Yang. She brings out that softer interior that he struggles to show. She brings out the human in him and not the monster.”
What was his first Super Soap Weekend like?
“It’s been madness, but very welcome madness. It’s been a lot of fun to put a face with the name of the fan community. It’s great to walk out and see a sea of people who came to see all of us, because we wouldn’t be here without them.”

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