He has played Ryan Lavery on All My Children since January 1999.
That’s right….
The surprise interview I mentioned last week is none other than Cameron Mathison, one of the busiest actors in television and the headliner at Super Soap Weekend 2008 Nov. 15 and 16 at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.
Photo credit: ABC/Heidi Gutman
I mean the guy is always on the go.
He’s perpetually in a front-burner storyline on AMC. He’s been in movies, primetime TV shows and the host of several shows including the SOAPnet reality show “I Wanna Be A Soap Star.”
And who can forget the crazy schedule he kept while jetting back and forth between coasts when he competed on last year’s “Dancing With The Stars.”
Cameron also can be seen as a special correspondent on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”
The guy has so much energy….He’s like the Energizer Bunny…No kidding!
Cameron is gor -geous in person! And, by the way, he’s as nice and gracious and funny as he is good looking.
And I know this because I was actually up close and personal with him onstage in the “I Wanna Be A Soap Star” contest during Super Soap Weekend 2006.
I was chosen as a contestant and got to act out a scene with Cameron. It was so much Fun!
Well, here. See for yourself.
This year will be his 11th year at Super Soap and it’s the first year that he’s been billed as the headliner. He’s co-hosting the “Street Jam” with “The View’s” Sherri Shepherd and he’s hosting “Casting Call.”
Regarding being billed as the headliner, Cameron said, “I don’t think it makes me any different than anybody else that’s going to be there. We’re all kind of all headlining together. I’ve been there a long time and involved in so many different aspects this year…but really we’re all headlining together as a team.”
Michele: What is the best thing about Super Soap Weekend?
Cameron: “Just a sense of excitement and appreciation and enthusiasm that you get from the fans there that you really don’t get anywhere else. You have fans come up to you and show their support [other places], but it’s just such a different vibe there. Enthusiasm is a good word and passion. And it feels really nice and we try to give it right back.”
Michele: Is this something you look forward to each year and how do you feel about the hoards of people that turn out each year?
Cameron: “There’s nothing about Super Soap that I don’t enjoy. I love the number of people, even if they’re grabbing at you as you’re walking through the crowd. It’s an opportunity for the actors to show our appreciation. We wouldn’t have our jobs if it wasn’t for them.”
Michele: Which aspect of the industry do you like the best and where do you find time to do it all?
Cameron: “All My Children” has been incredible with working around the scheduling. The hosting stuff is so much easier to work in with All My Children. Obviously, “Dancing With The Stars” was a [scheduling] nighmare for everybody at the studio. They were very involved in making adjustments so I could do that show. Being a special correspondent for Good Morning America – I literally find out what time I’m working on “All My Children” and plan on shooting a taped piece for GMA around that and then the live GMA show happens before “All My Children” even starts.
“I’ve kind of cut back on some of the other things I’ve done. I’ve just taken one or two side jobs at a time. There have been times when it’s been totally and completely insane, but those days seem to be done for now and it’s a little more balanced…In order to find time for that stuff, I only cut out my personal extras like playing golf or going to the gym. I never take away from time with the kids or time with the family. If I’m taking on extra jobs, I should be the only one to suffer for that.”
Regarding his favorite aspect of the industry, Cameron called AMC his family and described the show as being “a part of him.”
He also enjoys being a special correspondent at “Good Morning America.”
Being a special correspondent “has been something that has been very exciting in my career and I get so much fulfillment from that,” he said. “That plus being able to work as an actor on “All My Children” is a really good balance for me.”
Michele: What is it that you love about Ryan and what do you hate about Ryan?
Cameron: “The thing that I love about Ryan is that all the decisions that he makes – good or not so great – comes from wanting to help other people. I think he trys to do the right thing by other people. Even his flaws come from trying to do the right thing by other people. Even when he pretended to kill himself it was because he didn’t think he’d be a good dad and didn’t want to be a bad father to his kids. He always tries to do things for the right reasons.
“The thing that I don’t like about Ryan is it seems like he flip-flops his position on a lot of things lately and that gets frustrating as an actor. And I think it takes away from the strength of his character when he doesn’t stick to his guns about stuff. There’s been a little bit of flip-flopping – not only on his feelings for women but also on his decisions about what’s right and what’s not right. We’re in a bit of a transition period for Ryan and that’s been a little tricky for me as an actor. But overall I think he’s a great character and we have a great new head writer and I think it’s only getting better.”
Michele: Are you hosting “I Wanna Be A Soap Star” this year at Super Soap?
Cameron: “Yes. But this year it’s called “Casting Call.” It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance for these fans to get up and act with their favorite stars. It’s so much fun to see how excited they are and to see the absolutely ridiculous stuff that unfolds in these scenes. It’s a lot of fun.”
Michele: What was your reaction to the fact that this will be the last Super Soap?
Cameron: “Initially, I was saddened by it because it’s been so much fun for us and for the fans over the years. But once I found out the positive I really kind of got it. I think we’re going to take the fun and energy and excitement from Super Soap Weekend and take it on the road…take it around the country. Some of the feedback we got from fans is that they wish we did this in their own backyards. So we’re taking that to heart and listen to our fans and bring it to everybody.”
Michele: What is it like to work with the “All My Children” cast?
Cameron: “It’s such a great cast and such a great family feeling and apparently it’s not always like that on some of the other shows. There’s not that same dynamic. It’s a real close feeling. Because of the economy, we’re not having a Christmas party this year. But all of the actors are getting together and we’re putting one together for the crew. We have just a really great dynamic going on at “All My Children.” We really look out for each other. We have a lot of support for each other. There’s a lot of close friendships there.”
Michele: Who are you closest with from “All My Children?”
Cameron: My three leading ladies: Melissa Claire Egan (Annie), Alicia Minshew (Kendall) and Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) is a very close friend of mine. I stayed with her during “Dancing With The Stars.” Even when she’s off the show, we’re very, very close. Thorsten Kaye, who plays Zach, is a buddy of mine, although we don’t hang out that much outside the show. We’re very close in looking out for each other. There’s a lot of friendships. I’ve been playing golf a lot with Jacob Young (J.R.). I could go on and on.
Cameron in action on All My Children


L-R: Aiden Turner ( as “Aidan”), Rebecca Budig ( as “Greenlee”) and Cameron Mathison (as “Ryan”)
photo credit: ABC/Lou Rocco

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