Who is loving the 1968 40th anniversary storyline on One Life To Live?
(Raises hand) I DO! I DO!
My friend, Sharona, however, does not. She wrote me an e-mail saying she wants the characters back in 2008.
But for me….each day that goes on, it just keeps getting better.
I enjoy all the references to 1968, because….well, I lived it.
I remember the songs, the clothes, the hippies, the peace movement, the president and the Vietnam War.
And all those things have come up during OLTL’s 1968 segments.
I think the whole storyline has been creative, i.e. using present day characters in dual roles as different characters from the past.
Not only that, but we are getting to see how the past and present are merged.
Case in point: Cord Roberts (John Loprieno) returns in the present; while we see how he came to be conceived in 1968 through a love affair between Clint (John Brotherton) and Maria (Melissa Archer), a Buchanan maid.
We also see how Asa sent Maria away, so that Clint would never know (until years later) that he had a son.
I love the fact that Loprieno returned as Cord and met up with daughter Sarah (Justis Bolding) and ex-wife Tina (Andrea Evans).
I loved when Tina asked Cord for another chance….and hoped that maybe…..
But no.
He said goodbye.
It’s so good to see Loprieno and Evans together again – however brief – and I really enjoy Bolding’s portrayal of Sarah. So glad that she survived the Falls!
And how can you not love Bo (Robert S. Woods) as Asa and Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) as Bo in the past.
Woods and Lavoisier together are incredible. I could watch those two for hours. They are so entertaining, feeding off each others gestures and expressions.
This storyline has really brought their onscreen chemistry to another level.
Throw into the mix Lea Delaria as Madame Delfina/Professor Del Fina – HIL-ARIOUS!
professor del fina.jpg
As the male professor….well, you can’t tell it’s a woman playing a man.

That’s how good she is.

Do you know Loyita Chapel, the actress playing dual roles of Dallas (2008) and Renee (1968) is Woods’ real-life wife? I hope she sticks around for awhile. I like her.
Other things I like about 1968:
January LaVoy in the dual roles of Noelle (2008) and Rosa (1968). She plays two totally different characters and commands attention for both. Her spanish accent for Rosa is impeccable as is her southern accent for Noelle.
LaVoy as Rosa and Archer as Maria
And hooray that Mo (John Rue) proposed to Noelle in 2008! Rue is playing the dual role of Jeremiah Stubbs from 1968 – and a colorful character at that! Love that tie-dyed shirt he wears as Jeremiah.
How about Peter Bartlett, who has played the staid and proper butler, Nigel, for years is playing Chuck Sr. in 1968 – a cowpoke with a southern twang. Talk about a completely opposite character!
I love that Gigi (Farah Fath) is going after her man, Rex, and am eagerly anticipating “the reunion” and, hopefully, the revelation that Shane is Rex’s son (finally!). gigi1968.jpg
Fath is playing the dual role of Emma Bradley in 1968 – mother of psychopath Spencer Truman.
So even though I’m loving this storyline, I think the end is near.
Sharona, I think your wish is soon to be granted.