By Michele Dargan

The KISS!!


The best thing that’s happened on General Hospital in just about forever was Tuesday’s grand finale….

The IN-credibly IN-tense closing scene between Michael and Abby culminated in THAT KISS!

It made me look so forward to Wednesday’s eppy…..only to be totally disappointed when there was no Michael and Abby to be found.

Hence, Wednesday’s GH eppy for me was a whole lot of fast forwarding through Crazy Lisa’s scenes, through Nikolas and Elizabeth, always through Brenda….

But I digresss…..

Back to Michael and Abby….

Michael and Abby

Andrea Bogart as Abby and Chad Duell as Michael have been having some of the best scenes in the show.

Since he entered the show during that very high profile Michael-going to-jail storyline, Chad Duell has impressed me every step of the way.

Every emotion that he shows is so believable and real…it’s like he takes the viewer on this wonderful ride.

Whether Michael is experiencing joy or extreme pain, Duell has us, the viewers, experiencing it right alongside Michael.

He is truly incredibly in the role….I can’t say enough as to how impressed I’ve been with his acting.

As for Bogart, she is a real natural. All of her lines come from the heart.

Abby struggles to reconcile the fact she works as a stripper in order to put herself through school…and Bogart has made us feel that struggle within Abby.

Abby and Michael

Whether she’s having an earnest conversation with Michael or defending herself against Carly, Bogart makes me root for Abby at every turn.

I like the way their relationship has developed….two damaged souls seeking solace in each other.

I think the best way to fully show the impact of THAT KISS is to show it!

So….without further adieu…..