“Do I still love you? Morasco, it was always you!” Awwwwww…. Wasn’t that just THE most romantic thing, when Rex said that to Gigi on “One Life To Live.”? I just loved that one little moment in time. Not to mention, I’m glad that Gigi finally told Rex that Shane is his son and I’m […]

There are so many riviting performances lately on One Life To Live lately, that I must give kudos all around. But there’s one person who never fails to entertain, whether it’s a light-hearted moment or a serious situation… John-Paul Lavoisier as Rex Balsom. Rex came onto the scene as a kind of a scammer…a bad […]

One Life To Live has been so captivating and so action-packed over the past two weeks – I don’t know where to begin – it’s been that good! On Friday, I wrote about Blair finally standing up to Todd and Todd beginning to get his comeuppance. (See blog below). There was so much more to […]