An interesting press release arrived today that I thought I’d share with you.
When I saw Nancy Lee Grahn’s name in the headline, it immediately got my attention.
And as I read on, it became even more interesting.
As a soap fan, I have – for years – enjoyed Nancy Lee Grahn’s portrayal of the strong, smart, ever-so-efficient attorney Alexis Davis.
But I had no idea that she was involved in a court battle regarding her child.
According to this release, Grahn is testifying Tuesday at the California Assembly Judiciary Committee Hearing on behalf of Bill AB 612. If passed, the bill would outlaw the use of Parental Alienation Syndrome to gain custody of children in divorce situations.
The syndrome describes behavior where one parent turns a child against the other by convincing the child the parent has treated him or her badly, even when they have not. Many call it “junk science” and are trying to get it banned from being used to gain custody in divorce cases.
Below is the press release which describes Grahn’s participation in these hearings and her support for this bill.
T.V. Star Nancy Lee Grahn to Join Dozens of Family Court Victims to Urge Passage of Assemblyman Jim Beall’s AB 612
What: Pre-Hearing Press Conference
Who: Daytime TV Celebrity Nancy Lee Grahn & dozens of family court victims & court reform advocates
When: 8:30AM on Tuesday, April 28 – Press Conference; 9:00AM Hearing in Room 4202
Where: State Capitol- Room 444
Acclaimed television star Nancy Lee Grahn will address reporters tomorrow about her personal family court ordeal before she testifies on behalf of AB 612 at the California Assembly Judiciary Committee Hearing. Grahn will join dozens of parents and children to speak about the ravages of Parental Alienation Syndrome, or PAS, on their lives, and the desperate need for family court reform.
Like thousands of parents in California’s family courts, Grahn was falsely accused of alienating her child against her father, yet she eventually prevailed in her protecting her child. AB 612 would outlaw the use of this unscientific theory that is typically responsible for placing more than 58,000 children per year in the U.S. into dangerous homes with parents the children have identified as their molesters and abusers (Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence). Beall’s bill is just one of a handful of measures addressing the need for family court reform in California this year.
PAS is a controversial, unscientific theory that does not meet legal evidentiary standards, yet it is commonly used in family courts everywhere. PAS and related alienation theories are not accepted or endorsed by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, American Psychological Association, American Prosecutors Research Institute, National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse, and nearly all credible researchers on the subject.

Did you catch those scenes Wednesday on General Hospital with Diane/Max and Alexis/Jerry at the Metro Court?
I tell you, anytime Diane and Alexis are together lately, they never fail to make me laugh.
I can’t help it.
It happens before I even realize it.
I’m sitting there watching their scenes and I hear myself laughing.
Take Wednesday.
Prim and proper super-lawyer Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) sits at the Metro Court bar and sometimes evil but super-charming Jerry Jacks getsthisclosetokissingher, when BFF and fellow super-lawyer Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) pops up from behind the bar and screams “Now who has an embarrassing attachment to a bad boy?”
You see, Alexis has been trying to dissuade Diane from dating Max Giambatti, the mob bodyguard with a heart of gold.
I just love Derk Cheetwood as Max. Always have.
And when he is paired with Hennesy, the two are just hysterical.
Meanwhile, Alexis is incredibly attracted to Jerry (Sebastian Roche)…..You know, the one who masterminded and terrorized the hostages in the Metro Court crisis under the identity of Mr. Craig.
After Diane breaks up the kiss between Alexis and Jerry – a few minutes later Diane and Max are smooching at a nearby table…..So Alexis marches over to Diane and tells her that she’s making a spectacle of herself.
And from there, the two get into a spirited discussion of who is with the baddest bad boy.
Diane launches into a diatribe about how she and Max were discussing baseball – to which Alexis retorts that Diane’s mind has turned to mush.
Never to be outdone, Diane lashed out with perhaps the best line of the day.
“Well at least I’m not choking on my own hypocrisy! How dare you come over and criticize my relationship with Max when you’re sitting over there canoodling with Mr. Craig, the Metro Court Hostage Taker!”
Here’s the video. Check it out for yourself.

Go Di-ANE!
Whoo Hoo!
I am just so happy.
After endless months of flirting with Max, super attorney Diane Miller made the first move by pulling Sonny’s bodyguard to her and laying a long, passionate kiss on the otherwise, shy Max.
And it didn’t end there!
After they had sex on – of all places – Sonny’s couch, Diane’s new BFF and fellow attorney Alexis Davis walks in on them….staid, uptight Alexis.

These scenes were welcome comic relief in a show that – at the moment – abounds with dark, sad and tragic storylines.
Let’s see…
We have Nikolas taking the experimental drug in order to keep his dead fiancee, Emily, coming to him via hallucinations; while faithful and adoring nurse Nadine is taking the brunt of his delusions – Dark.
Claudia and Johnny Zacchara trying to deflect suspicion about Michael’s shooting from them – Dark.
Grief-stricken Sonny, blaming himself for his son’s shooting and pacing around his coffee warehouse with a gun – Dark.
Elizabeth and Jason ending their relationship – Sad.
Carly and Jason grieving – Sad.
Michael’s shooting and the ensuing prognosis that he may never regain conciousness – Tragic.
There you have it in a nutshell.
Not much uplifting happening on GH these days.
Except Diane, Max and Alexis.
They add a much needed laugh to episodes that have brought buckets of tears.
Watch the scene after Alexis walks in and she chastises an unrepentant, Diane.

Ever since Max (Derk Cheetwood) had that obsessive crush on Carly, I’ve wanted Max to have a real love interest.
Those scenes really brought out Cheetwood’s comedic side. And he is so likeable and so funny!
As for Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) – I’ve craved scenes with them ever since the duo embarked on their excellent adventure .
Grahn and Hennesy are brilliant together. They feed off each other seemlessly.
Check out the Diane and Alexis scene that preceded the Diane/Max encounter.
Alexis was crazed over the realization that Michael’s shooting could have been Christina, her daughter with Sonny.
Diane tried to help her friend, offering spirits and advice.

Did you catch the part when Coleman delivers Diane’s umbrella drink and Alexis tears the top off and begins slurping it?
Too funny!
Now that Diane and Max have done the deed, I’m looking forward to seeing where this will go.