I am just dying to know Allison Perkins’ big secret!
Aren’t you?
To begin with, everytime Allison Perkins comes back to Llanview something bad happens….
I mean really bad!
After all, Allison was the key player in one of the most infamous OLTL storylines – the Buchanan babyswitch.
On the orders of psycho cult leader Mitch Laurence, Allison switched Viki’s twins Natalie and Jessica – giving Natalie to Roxanne Balson in Atlantic City to be raised in squalor. At the time, Viki believed she only had one baby.
The truth was revealed years later and Natalie returned to the fold as a grown woman – not without a lot of turmoil.
Now that Natalie has successfully assimilated into Buchanan life…..SURPRISE!
Allison returns to turn everyone’s life upside down….Well, at least it seems so.
We don’t really know yet exactly what her secret is….
But I can tell you one thing.
It can’t be good!
Allison is nuts.
I mean, totally wacko.
But there is something I really like about having her in Llanview.
Crazy, eh?
I think it’s because even though Allison does all these bad things, there’s something likeable that Barbara Garrick brings to the table in her portrayal of the totally looney character.
So what can the secret be??
There’s some speculation that the secret is about Rex’s true father and that it may Mitch Laurence…..
When we left Allison on Friday, she was pointing a gun at Jessica at the Go Red Ball.
Here she is in her red dress.
I guess today we’ll find out what havoc Allison will wreak at the ball.
And if we’re lucky – we’ll soon find out her secret.

There’s lots going on in Llanview these days.
I mean LOTS!
And there’s some heavy-duty questions that are hanging in the air on One Life To Live.
For instance….
What’s going to happen to Marcie, now that she’s in jail for babynapping?
And Gigi.
What’s going to happen to her now that she’s been arrested for aiding and abetting Marcie?
Will Adrianna and Rex also be arrested for keeping the secret that TJ/Tommy/Sam is really Todd’s kidnapped son?
And that sleazy FBI agent Lee Ramsey. He keeps threatening Gigi and her son, Shane.
What is the always chivalrous John McBain going to do to stop Ramsey?
And speaking of Shane.
Who exactly is his father?
Is it Rex?
They’re alluding to that scenario since Gigi Morasco (Farah Fath) and Rex Balsom (John-Paul Lavoisier) were high school sweethearts and haven’t seen each other since. We now know that Gigi left Michigan shortly after Rex – Gigi going to Paris, Texas and Rex to Llanview.
I seem to remember awhile back that Gigi told Viki she hadn’t dated anyone since she was with Shane’s father — but she’s never, ever mentioned the father’s name and the guy is supposedly dead.
Perhaps the most intriguing question on OLTL is the mystery surrounding Rex’s father.
Rex’s mom, Roxy, and his aunt, Corinne, who raised Rex, are keeping some kind of family secret and it may have to do with who is Rex’s father. After all, on Friday Corinne said she’s not sure if Rex is a Balsom.
There is some speculation on message boards that Roxy was raped by the evil Mitch Laurence and that Rex is Mitch’s kid.
Again, it’s just speculation.
But that would be an interesting twist….That would mean that Rex and Jessica would really be brother and sister, when Jessica’s twin, Natalie, was raised as Rex’s sister….Of course it was later discovered that Allison Perkins stole Natalie for Mitch Laurence and gave her to Roxy to raise.
Whether or not Rex is Mitch’s son, remains to be seen.
But it is awfully coincidental that crazy Allison shows up Friday, after being gone from the canvas for a few years.
When she sees Jessica at St. Ann’s, the local mental institution, Allison tells Jessica that she has a secret.
Hmmmm….could it be about Rex?