How ridiculous can General Hospital get??
Now Sonny is not only teaming up with arch enemy Anthony Zacchara, but Anthony is going to insist on him marrying Claudia to seal the deal?
A. I can’t stand the mob wars to begin with and
B. The mob keeps dominating storylines and mob characters just keep being added.
Let’s see….
There’s Sonny and Jason, all the Zaccharas and now Karpov, the Russian mobster.
Where does it end?
Sonny and Anthony

I just can’t believe that writers are pitting Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jason (Steve Burton) against each other and aligning Sonny with his mortal enemy, Zacchara.
It’s just stupid.
That would never happen.
But, even more than that, it’s boring and not at all the reason why I watch soaps.
I hate the whole mob thing.
The only thing mob-related that has been entertaining is the entrance of Vincent Pastore as Maxiumus Giambetti, father of Max and Milo.
Pastore has provided some laugh-out-loud scenes through Maximus’ interactions with characters Diane (Carolyn Hennesy), Carly (Laura Wright) and Claudia (Sarah Brown).
Other than that bright spot, it’s thumbs down for the mob storylines.
Then there’s that whole counterfeit drug storyline….How long has that s/l been dragging on?
Now with Jerry Jax (Sebastian Roche) framing Sam (Kelly Monaco) for the counterfeit drugs, I guess it’s going to drag on even longer.
Really not looking forward to seeing where that’s going.
All I can say is thank goodness that Tracy and Luke are back!