One day at work, I heard the two words that would change my life forever.
OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but this is a soap opera blog, after all. Cut this wannabe daytime diva a little slack.
As I was saying, I heard those two magical words, words that would make any good soap fan worth her suds sit up and take notice.
Sonny Corinthos.
That’s right. Someone was talking about Port Charles’ resident mob boss. Unfortunately, I was in the lunchroom and the conversation that had so piqued my interest was taking place by the cubicles in the next room. So using some of the eavesdropping skills I picked up from the likes of Lucy Coe, Sami Brady and Lizzie Spaulding, I determined that I was working with someone who was a) very loud and b) had great taste in TV shows.
I had to find out more.
Why? I’m glad to pretend you asked.
As a soap opera viewer for more than 25 years, I’ve found that these serialized stories make for great bonding material. Just as people connect over sports or movies or books, the drama that unfolds during these daytime and nighttime TV shows offers wonderful fodder for conversation.
Some of my favorite memories from high school and college involved gathering around a TV set with fellow soapers to see All My Children or sitting on the phone with my best friend while we watched General Hospital. Those relatively responsibility-free, younger days lent themselves to a more soap-heavy life. Once the real world beckoned, it was harder to recognize other people who shared my appreciation for the fantasy land that is soaps.
And that’s where Sonny Corinthos came in. (Not literally, of course, although I would welcome Mo anytime he wanted to drop by. Who could say no to those dimples, eh?)
Um, yes, I followed the sound of that workplace conversation, and it led me to Michele.
So thank you, Sonny Corinthos. It was because of you that I found a new friend and a haven for my soap opera adoration. It was because of you that I finally ventured to Super Soap Weekend. And it was because of you that I am blogging today.
Dramatic pause. Cue swelling music.
See, a couple words can affect your life.
Now how about you? Are there any friendships you’ve forged thanks to your love of soaps?

Kara Kitts is a copy editor at the Palm Beach Daily News in Palm Beach, Fla. She has been a soap opera watcher since about 1980, when her best friend’s older sister introduced her to the wonders of General Hospital. Until then, she didn’t even know it was possible to freeze the world.
Now, she is a wiser, somewhat more mature viewer who has expanded her soap watching beyond GH (although it’s still No. 1 in her heart). The mother of two sons, Kara is married to a wonderful man who is very understanding of her strictly professional interest in Steve Burton.