I started watching soaps in high school as a means of escape.
It was a way of pretending that I was popular, that I made the cheerleading squad and that the cute trombone player in the band was my boyfriend.
In reality, I was a band nerd, playing my French horn in the marching band during football games instead of leading the cheers in those much-coveted saddle shoes. And that cute trombone player; you guessed it; he didn’t give me the time of day.
So I’d come home from high school, turn on the soaps and pretend that I was Erika Kane – that bitchy, scheming, beautiful siren who always got the guy.
Fast forward 30-plus years later and I am still watching the soaps to escape – but for different reasons.
Much of my job is reporting on topics that are complicated, serious – and sometimes downright sad.
So after work, with the help of TIVO and SOAPnet, I decompress by escaping into fictional towns like Llanview and Port Charles.
I always loved soaps, but I wouldn’t call it an addiction – that is until Kara suggested we attend Super Soap Weekend in 2005.
Kara and I are very different. For one thing, she’s kinda quiet and well, let’s just say I burst out of my shell after high school.
That first SSW was beyond our greatest expectations. It fueled my interest (although my husband uses the term obsession) in attending other fan events and actor encounters. More about those later.
Kara and I are gearing up for our third SSW in November. For me, meeting the actors behind the fictional characters brings a whole new dimension to soap watching. Going to fan events is the ultimate escapism and it’s a way for me to be a bit wacky and far away from my very serious job.
I have Kara to thank for that.
So although I started watching to escape the dreaded high-school blues, soap watching these days is fueled by my friendship with Kara, actor encounters and the advent of the internet, which allows us to share our experiences with other soap lovers.
So how about you?
How did you get pulled into the addicting world of soaps?