Suzanne Oberman, the advertising layout coordinator at the Palm Beach Daily News, is a HUGE Days of our Lives fan.
She’s been watching Days, she says, “since probably in the womb.”
In her second appearance here at Soapbox, Suzanne is going to give us an assist today and offer her commentary as our guest blogger.
“Days” Is Bringing Stupid Back
Looks like the writers have put their big guns back in the closet and have swapped them for water guns.
Days Of Our Lives has been a bit silly lately.
It seems as though serial date rapist Ford Decker met his end with a laughable tumble down the sorority house stairs.
After drugging Chelsea (Rachel Melvin), Ford chased her up the stairs while her sorority sisters yelled for him to stop. He felt woozy since the inane girls put a drug in his drink and he stumbled backwards and fell to the floor.
Amazingly he died instantly – a ridiculous scenario at best.
For hours the girls sat in a circle around Ford’s body on the foyer floor and thought about his horrendous ways; while whining about what they were going to do about the situation. And now Max is supposedly going to bury him somewhere under the basement floor.
Can’t wait to see where this leads…
And seriously, what are those absurd dreams Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) is having about Belle (Martha Madison)?
A normally demure Belle Black (now Brady), is shown wearing a short red dress with bright red lipstick all gussied up in Philip’s office. She tells him in each setting that she loves him and not Shawn and has finally told Shawn her true feelings. Philip continues not to believe her even though she is throwing herself at him.
In what one might call a purely comical soap opera moment, Belle enters Philip’s office with a bloody meat cleaver and tells him she killed Shawn so the two of them can finally be together.
Let’s be honest, what were the writers thinking?
Even though the recent stupidity on Days has made me cringe, I still need my fix everyday.
I just hope the stories get a little less ridiculous and a little more scandalous-they way we like them!

Suzanne Oberman, the advertising layout coordinator at the Palm Beach Daily News, is a HUGE Days of our Lives fan.
She’s been watching since….well, she traces it back to “probably in the womb,” since her 89-year-old grandmother got her mom hooked on Days who, in turn, got Suzanne hooked.
You get the drift.
She’s been watching as far back as she can remember.
So Suzanne is going to give us an assist today and offer her commentary as our guest blogger.
Big Changes In Salem
My, oh my, what can I say?
I must commend the writers of Days of Our Lives for bringing out the bug guns lately.
We finally found out that Colleen thrust herself off a cliff.
Benji was murdered.
Andre was murdered.
And John Black, an invariable character for the past twenty-one years, was suddenly killed in a mysterious hit and run accident.
Now John’s daughter Belle Black (Martha Madison), presumably the most lackluster character in Salem, has begun to deviate from her normally prim and proper self, following the death of her beloved father.
The sexual tension between Belle and Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) has been building over the past few months, ever since Belle, Shawn (Brandon Beemer), and their daughter Claire returned home (with Philip) from their tryst across the ocean.
In the past few days, Philip finally admitted to Belle that he was still in love with her and wanted her back. After listening to Belle sob and mourn in church over the loss of her dad, Philip bared his soul and fervently kissed her and Belle did not attempt to stop until minutes later.
With Belle in this fragile state, was Philip in the wrong to express his true desires (which were obvious to everyone but Belle)?
After Shawn saw the two of them in the church together (following the kiss) he became suspicious because of the guilty expression on Belle’s face. And rightly so I might add!
Shawn had to leave and then Belle’s car died.
So, of course, Philip took the on the “burden” of driving her home.
They began a pitiful back and forth squabble at Belle and Shawn’s apartment about how he still loves her and needs her…and about how she can’t listen to him anymore and won’t dare to betray Shawn, all while staring longingly into his baby blues.
Those eyes and charming dimples do make it hard to resist.
Nevertheless, she has now, in my eyes, taken over Willow’s role as town tramp!
Philip assented to her unconvincing and half-hearted pleas for him to leave by opening the front door and saying if he were to leave, he’d be out of her life forever.
Dramatic pause.
Cut to commercial.
And thank goodness for Tivo (fast forward)!
She confessed that she couldn’t endure living without him in her life and they embraced and passionately kissed.
We knew the apex of all this tension had to lead somewhere. And now it looks like there’s a side to Belle that has been in hiding for way too long.
But would she be acting like this if her father hadn’t just tragically died?
Or is she a manipulative, lying cheater like her half-sister Sami used to be?
After all, they do share genes!
I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what drama the complexities of Salem bring us next.
—Suzanne Oberman