Ummmmm….Did anyone really like the Mendorra storyline on One Life To Live?
Because I didn’t.
I liked the fact that it brought back Andrea Evans as Tina Roberts.
But other than that, I wasn’t really crazy about it.
I HATED the fact that Talia (BethAnn Bonner) was forced to marry the sinister Jonas Chamberlain (Kevin Spirtas).
Although, I must say, Talia looked absolutely BEE-UTIFUL!
Too bad, it was wasted on that creep, Jonas.

But the thing I hated most was that Antonio Vega (Kamar de los Reyes) was nearly stabbed to death by Jonas and then forced to leave Talia there.
Kamar de los Reyes
Of course, now he’s going back to rescue her, which can’t come too soon for me!
I know this is a soap and there’s supposed to be a certain amount of …..well….drama.
But, come on!
Antonio has already HAD enought drama and heartache to last him five lifetimes.
I think the poor guy has endured way too much already.
The Jess/Tess mess (which he stuck by her through all of that) and that was followed by Jess’s cheating on him with Nash….That, alone, was enough pain for one lifetime.
Talk about unlucky in love.
Antonio is the poster child for that saying.
Now, when he finally found real love with Talia – boom, she’s taken away.
Not only that, but now Antonio finds out that Talia is the daughter of his mortal enemy, the oh-so-evil Carlo Hesser (Thom Christopher).
I am glad that the Mendorra storyline brought Christopher back to the Llanview canvas.
He is such a wonderful actor and I just love to watch him play evil – a refined kind of evil.
But, really, let’s get Antonio in there, rescue Talia and give the guy a little happiness….

Why is it that when Antonio Vega finds happiness on One Life To Live it only lasts about five minutes?
I was really liking the fact that he and Talia Sahid finally got together – and now I’m really hating the fact that he is getting all angry and jealous over Talia’s working relationship with John McBain (Michael Easton).
Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE John McBain….And, yeah, he hasn’t found happiness either.
In fact, quite the opposite. McBain has ended up with heartache from any of his relationships. But that’s a topic for another day.
For the most part, I’ve liked what Ron Carlivati has done with the soap since taking over the head writing duties last fall.
But I’m HATING the way he is making Antonio angry again.
Antonio and Talia
Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes) has a gentle and kind side to him, particularly towards his daughter, Jamie.
So why, after Antonio survived that awful Jessica/Nash cheating fiasco and finally gets together with Talia (BethAnn Bonner) is he reverting back to that nasty Santi anger.
And, of course, that wacko, dirty police commissioner Lee Ramsey (Hunt Block) is behind all of this nonsense.
Ramsey is the new Spencer Truman.
I say, get rid of Ramsey!
Check out this video of Antonio confronting Talia in the police station.

I implore you, Ron, please give Antonio and Talia a chance.
Give us back the nice Antonio!

I had tears in my eyes watching Talia and Antonio on Monday’s One Life To Live.
Tears of Joy!
I have absolutely loved BethAnn Bonner ever since she stepped foot in Llanview a little more than a year ago as police officer Talia Sahid – a cop who was a first-responder at the World Trade Center on 9/11.
She came onboard OLTL after finishing third in I Wanna Be A Soapstar, season 3. The winner of season three, Mikey Jerome, got the top prize of a role on OLTL, but lasted about five minutes onscreen.
Yeah, the season 3 judges made a huge mistake not picking Bonner. But it seems that OLTL Executive Producer Frank Valentini rectified the situation by offering Bonner the role of Talia.
Click here to watch a video of Bonner talking about how she got the OLTL role after losing Soap Star.
Bonner is one of those rare, naturally-gifted actresses.
She’s as wonderful and at ease doing serious and sad scenes as she is performing lighthearted, comedic ones.
And she has a great chemistry with Kamar de los Reyes, who portrays Antonio.
Kamar has been on OLTL since 1995 and, I have to say, hasn’t had much good material written for his character in the past few years.
Antonio’s relationship with Keri Reynolds, RJ’s long-lost daughter began on a high note, but ended badly, with her committing suicide and then trying to frame Antonio for her murder – not good.
(Kamar and Sheri Saum, the actress who played Keri, tied the knot in May).
Then there was that whole Santi thing – him being the lost-long son of Manuel Santi and sinking into his dark, dismal, really angry period – not good.
He emerged from that and found his way back to Jessica, only to find that Jess was really Tess – as in multiple personality disorder.
And if that wasn’t enough, Jess – when she was Tess – slept around with everyone on the face of the earth and took up with a wayward guy named Nash.
Yep. You guessed it.
Tess got pregnant…by Nash – definitely, not good.
When all was said and done and Jess/Tess was integrated – Antonio stuck by her through it all – they finally got married.
But not before a lot of drama with Nash pulling out all the stops to get Jess to choose him and Jess insisting she was in love with Antonio.
Of course after marrying Antonio, Jessica realizes that she loves Nash and they begin an affair right under Antonio’s nose – sleeping around all over town and doing it everywhere in town.
But before Jess can tell Antonio, she is stricken with Hepatis C, another gift from Tess when she was running around and sharing needles.
She finally tells Antonio that she wants to be with Nash, while basically on her deathbed, when Antonio is informed he is the only match that can save Jessica’s life as a liver donor.
Of course, Antonio does the right thing, gives her a part of his liver and saves her life. But he is obviously a hurt and broken man.
Now, after all his past heartbreak, Antonio finally has someone who will put him first.
And I say, it’s about time!
Talia has been such fun to watch as her crush grew on her boss. She even made up a fake boyfriend, George, so that Antonio wouldn’t know that it was he who she liked.
It was so cute and she never failed to make me smile during that whole “George” thing.
And when Talia finally admitted her feelings to Antonio, he said couldn’t reciprocate because he wasn’t ready for another relationship yet…He’s trying to put the Tessica mess behind him.
So Talia does what any red-blooded woman who feels her love is unrequited would do – she asks for a transfer to another police department, packs her bags and sits in a bus station on New Year’s Eve, waiting for the bus to take her to her new job.
But in true soap opera fashion, Antonio realizes in the 11th hour that he’s made a mistake and goes to the bus station to get Talia to stay.
“I cannot let you get on that bus without letting you know how I feel,” he says.
Hooray, Antonio!
He continues.
“I know we don’t have time to list all the different reasons why I care about you, but let’s just hit the highlights. You’re smart. You’re funny. My daughter is a terrific judge of character and she’s crazy about you. You’re gorgeous. You’re a great cop. You’ve always got my back.
“New Year’s is a time for new beginnings and all I’m asking is for a second chance and if I’ve blown it then I completely understand But I couldn’t let you go without letting you know how much you mean to me.”
What woman hasn’t wanted to hear those words from a man who you’re crazy about?

Watch the video here. It’s wonderful.
And I, along with many fans, have been rooting for Talia and Antonio to get together.
I am so glad that they weren’t rushed or thrust together immediately, but, rather, we saw them grow together as friends first.
To me, that’s so refreshing for a soap couple and that also signals that maybe – just maybe – they will be happy for a long time??
I hope that’s true, because after what he’s been through in the past year, Antonio so deserves some happiness.