I’ve been having this love/hate relationship with One Life To Live lately. First of all, there’s been WAY too much sadness and doom and gloom,…i.e. Wes killed, Blair stabbed, Matthew paralyzed, Cole arrested and hooked on drugs. Then there’s poor Shane fighting Leukemia. It doesn’t get much sadder than that. And let’s not forget Starr […]

Did you know that Brandon Buddy was 13 when his younger brother was born and he was in the room with his mother for the birth? Well, he was. And he told Kara and me about it during our interview with him and co-star Kristen Alderson (Starr) at Super Soap Weekend 2008. He calls the […]

Well it’s about damn time, Blair! I have been waiting – impatiently I might add – for Blair to take control, stand up to Todd and fight for Starr’s rights on One Life To Live. I waited while she allowed Todd to beat up teenagers Markko and Cole and terrorize young Langston. I waited while […]