The Paris, Texas crew is back – with David Vickers!!
Double YAY!
Everyone loves Tuc Watkins as David Vickers – because he’s just so darn funny.
And entertaining!
And he never fails to put the pizzazz in One Life To Live.
Coupled with the comedic talents of Moe Stubbs (John Rue ) and Noelle Ortiz (January LaVoy), David Vickers shines as a bus boy at the Bon Jour Cafe.

And then Vickers proceeds to tell us how he ended up at the Bon Jour, which goes from funny to funnier!

In my opinion, the Paris, Texas storyline was the most entertaining thing to come to OLTL in years.
And trust me, I’ve been watching OLTL for 35-and-change years.
I started watching back when I was in high school in good old Trumbull, CT….
Which brings me to my “small world” story.
LaVoy grew up in Trumbull, too.
Small world!
And her first acting gig was at a local community theatre called the Polka Dot Playhouse in Bridgeport, CT.
Just so happens that I did some acting there too – back in the day after graduating from college.
Really small world!
I have always like Noelle, especially when it became apparent that she and Moe had feelings for each other…..They are just so cute together!
And I also loved her loyalty to Viki and to Gigi during the hostage situation at the Bon Jour. Noelle took care of Shane when Gigi was arrested for aiding and abetting Marcie.
Loyalty is an important trait that seems to be lacking in today’s society.
But Noelle – she is loyal.
And now that I’ve discovered that her portrayer and I are from the same hometown and have trod the same boards – well, I’m even more fond of her.
Getting back to Vickers and the Bon Jour….I can’t wait to see today’s eppy.
Especially since Friday’s cliffhanger ended with Vickers spotting Natalie and Jared kissing!
It’s particularly scandalous because Jared is masquerading as her uncle – and a Buchanan heir.
You see, Jared and Natalie know the big secret – that Vickers is, in fact, the long, lost Buchanan.
Not Jared.
So, I’m thinking, the secret is thisclose to coming out.

In – tense!
That’s what One Life to Live is these days – really intense!
OLTL is edge-of-your-seat good with the Marcie babynapping story nearing the end.
As I’ve said in a previous blog, Kathy Brier as Marcie, a distraught mother on the run, deserves an Emmy nod.
She has been incredibly moving since discovering that her precious son, whom she and husband Michael adopted thinking his parents were dead, is really Todd Manning’s lost son – stolen by the evil Dr. Spencer Truman.
Some fans aren’t too hot on the babynapping story.
I must admit it’s been dragging – until last week – when the Llanview, PA and Paris, Texas worlds collided.
Viki Davidson’s family in Llanview, while watching the Paris hostage crisis unfold on TV, discover that their matriarch, heiress, newspaper publisher, mother has been waitressing for ther past five months.
You see, Viki (Erika Slezak) told her family she was in Paris all these months – failing to add the Texas part.
Well, of course, they assumed it was France.
So when Noelle, a waitress at the Bon Jour Cafe, tells a TV reporter that Viki has been waitressing there for five months – the stunned looks on the faces of Clint, Nora, Jessica, Natalie, Nash and Jared were priceless!
I must say that all of the performances in the past few days have been riveting – from Brier, to Slezak, to Trevor St. John as Todd and Chris Stack as Michael McBain – they’ve all really moved me.
Yeah, tears welling up in the eyes and all that.
I am really liking Stack’s portrayal of Michael.
Stack took on the tough task of replacing Nathaniel Marston during this heavy-duty storyline. Marston was fired by ABC following his arrest for allegedly attacking three men in October.
But, I have to say, I think Stack is wonderful in the role. He’s so natural.
Don’t get me wrong. I liked Marston.
But Stack has made the transition seemless.
And his scenes with all of the major players – Michael Easton (John), St. John and Brier – have been so emotional….None more than the scenes he had with Brier on Friday.
Stack really moved me as he delivered these words:
“Marcie. Being with you again, it’s like I have my life back. Marcie, you are my life. You always have been and you always will be. Marcie, I love you.”
Check out the video below of Friday’s episode as Michael tries to convince Marcie to end the standoff and hand over the baby to Todd.

So with Marcie still locked inside the diner holding the cops at bay, I can’t help but look forward to today’s episode.
It’s getting close to the moment of truth.