By Michele Dargan

Friday’s One Life To Live episode showed me exactly why it’s finishing last in the ratings.

Now I know there are some viewers out there who AB-sol-U-tely LOVE the OLTL musicals.

I, however, am not one.

Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t turn on a soap opera hoping to see a musical theater extravaganza.

I watch a soap opera to become immersed in the drama, the characters, the relationships, the families…and to see them tackle some real-life issues.

Instead, we have Starr X’d Lovers: a bunch of songs put together telling the saga of Starr and Cole interpersed with Prom Night.

Starr X'd Lovers on OLTL (ABC/Heidi Gutman)

This stuff really makes me yearn for the EARLY days of OLTL, when there were REAL stories being told…..stories in which you CARED about the characters….and characters interwoven in compelling storylines.

Now, don’t get me wrong….the actors/actresses voices sounded great and the musical numbers were cute….at least the parts that I didn’t fast forward through…..But, again, this is not why I watch a soap opera.

The cast of Starr X'd Lovers on OLTL (ABC/Heidi Gutman)

The whole idea is gimicky and the writers are just making a play for ratings….good luck with that!

It just seems like the OLTL writers don’t have an original thought in their heads these days….they just like to recycle old storylines.

Here’s a hint: why don’t they try looking back to the storylines of the late ’60’s and early ’70’s, when they actually had core families and the whole cast didn’t revolve around teenagers…..

And, let me say, that in the late 60’s I was a teenager and, at that time, I enjoyed watching the adult relationships, because that’s all basically that was on back then.

So, here I’m an adult, and now I get stuck watching teen-age drama….which I wouldn’t mind so much if there was actually some GOOD Adult drama as well. But there’s not!

I mean, seriously, the Jessica reverting back to a teenager storyline is nauseating and has gone on WAAAAAY too long!

Again, no offense at all to the actors.

It’s the storyline and the writing that is just plain bad!!!

I mean, where are the types of storylines that kept you riveted to the television and doesn’t involve violence like Cole pounding Todd to a pulp….

Has anyone out there been watching since near the beginning of the show??

Does anyone remember the Carla Benari storyline?

Now THAT, my friends, was POWERFUL soap opera drama: a well-written storyline combined with great acting and a timely social issue….

I remember being captivated by that storyline.

In a nutshell: Carla Benari, played by Ellen Holly, came to Llanview saying she was an Italian/American; when in reality she was a black woman pretending to be white.

Remember – it was the 60’s and there weren’t equal opportunities for African-Americans on T.V. and in general.

I just remember being totally fascinated with the entire storyline, particularly when the truth came out that her mother was really Sadie Grey, who worked in housekeeping at Llanview Hospital.

I also remember the Cathy Craig drug treatment storyline, where the character sought treatment in a real-life drug rehab in New York City called Odyssey House, run by Dr. Judianne Densen-Gerber.
Cathy participated in group therapy sessions with real-life patients and the sessions were led by Dr. Densen-Gerber.

Another groundbreaking, incredibly riveting storyline!

It seems the only thing the OLTL writers do these days is either bring on musical guests (which is boring) or write very dark, depressing and violent storylines.

The other thing they do is dredge up and rewrite OLTL history….but not in a good way.

Case in point: how many times are they going to bring Allison Perkins back to steal babies?

‘Nuff Said!