I’ve watched a lot of different soap operas over the years.
But Guiding Light was not one of those that I regularly followed.
I do, however, have fond memories of going to visit my grandmother on weekday afternoons and she would be watching Guiding Light.
Regardless of whether one watched GL or not, it is sad to me that the show is going off the air on Friday after 72 years.
72 Years!
That’s more than a lifetime.
It began on the radio in 1937.
I hope that the cancellation of GL doesn’t signal the beginning of the end for ALL soaps.
There’s been so much written and so many tributes to GL, but I think the 60 Minutes piece that aired Sunday was wonderful.
I just loved the old black-and-white clips.
So if you haven’t seen it, I’m posting the video below.

60 Minutes Tribute Part 1

60 Minutes Tribute Part 2
And for those of you who want to watch the end of an era in it’s final week, tune in to CBS 3 p.m. EST to watch Guiding Light.


Mandy Bruno and Rob Bogue, who play lovebirds Marina and Mallet on Guiding Light, are engaged in real life as well.
The soap stars, who were in Orlando last week for a fan event, spent some of their free time Friday at Discovery Cove, swimming with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and relaxing on pristine beaches.
Bogue arranged for the dolphin, Jenny, to deliver a special love note written on a buoy to his new fiancee. The two plan to wed in 2010.
Discovery Cove is an all-inclusive park where, along with swimming with dolphins, guests can snorkel with rays and hand-feeding exotic birds in a free-flight aviary.