By Michele Dargan

I’m finally getting around to posting the photos from a fantastic event featuring some of “Daytimes Hottest Stars” in Largo, FL on Nov. 7.

It was so much fun meeting and interacting with Walt Willey (Jackson Montgomery/AMC,) Vincent Irizarry (Dr. David Hayward/AMC) and Forbes March (former Nash Brennan/OLTL and Mason Jarvis/ATWT).

Bobbie Eakes (Krystal Carey/AMC) was scheduled to attend. She was booked on a flight out of NYC on Friday, which was supposed to be her day off. But Eakes was called into the studio to work and missed her flight and was unable to get to Largo in time for the event.

The event, hosted by sisters Barbie Tsagaris and Patti Werynski, raised money to benefit of

I’ve been to quite a few soap events in the past couple of years, but I have to say this is one of the top events on my list!

First of all, all the money went to a great charity.

Secondly, it wasn’t one of those events where the stars were all up on a stage and the fans get only a minute to get a photo signed. There was a lot of quality time with the stars.

One thing I came away with: Walt is an incredibly funny guy!

He has his own stand-up comedy show that he performs at comedy clubs around the country.

He is also a GREAT emcee and auctioneer and upped the ante on the live auctions for the benefit of the charity.

Something that you may not know is that Walt is a huge believer in charity fundraising. He raises money for various children’s charities through his own “Willey World Endowment.”

On a sad note, his stint with All My Children is pretty much over, unless he gets some guest appearances. If you ever get the chance to see his comedy show – jump at the chance!

Forbes is also really funny and super nice! He spent so much time with every fan. One woman asked him to sign her arm – and he did!

Did you know he was a candidate to be on this season’s “Dancing With The Stars?” He interviewed for the show and everything. The thing is….the ABC primetime people doing the interviewing thought he was still on ABC Daytime on OLTL.

Forbes said he explained that although his character was killed off, the character was still – a year later – involved in a front-burner storyline.
He didn’t get the DWTS gig, though.

So what is Forbes doing these days?

He’s involved in producing some independent films.

Vincent Irizarry is THE NICEST guy you could meet. He has this great caring spirit about him and seems to genuinely enjoy meeting the fans.

For instance, my friend, Sharon, took two photos of Vincent and me and the flash was not going off. Vincent wanted to make sure that I got a good photo. So he took the camera from Sharon and gave her a quick photography lesson, including how to use the zoom to get a closer pic of us two…..Super nice!

Also, when I introduced myself, he looked at me and said, “you posted on my Facebook page yesterday, didn’t you?” I had indeed!

He also remembered the phone interview that I did with him back in March, which I had posted on Soapbox. He said that I even included the fact that he was on the set while we were talking and I could hear the intercom calling the various actors to the set.

I find it incredible that he not only remembered the interview, but he remembered an actual detail that I wrote in the story. Click here to read the full interview.

In addition to a general luncheon ticket price, Barbie and Patti offered VIP premium seating (which included sitting at a star’s luncheon table and going to an earlier reception where you were free to mix and mingle among the stars).

They also had some really great raffle prizes, which included acting in a skit with one of the stars.

Sharon won a “Prada” lookalike handbag, which she was soooo happy to get! I couldn’t believe she won it, but I guess when you put all your raffle tickets in one bowl….(Note to self for next time.)

There also was a grand prize: a chance to have dinner that night with Walt and Forbes. (Vincent had to get fly back to NYC right after the event.)

Getting back to that grand prize – Sharon and I were among the six women who won and had a fabulous dinner that night with them.

I would HIGHLY recommend – if you’re a big soap opera fan – that you save up money to attend the next soap event that these two sisters host. And they’re already working on their next one!!

Check out the photos below and let me know what you think!

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