Would someone just end this horrendous Christian/Vanessa storyline on One Life To Live?
I’m really ticked off that Christian (David Fumero) is, once again, involved with a viper and that his happiness with someone who deserves him – namely Sarah – was thrown away due to said viper.
What kind of garbage was that? Christian marrying Vanessa to keep her in the country when he was supposedly in love with Sarah?
I liked Justis Bolding as Sarah and was sad to see her leave the show.
I have to say that if I were Sarah, I would have done the exact same thing in calling immigration on Vanessa.
I really like Christian.
He is so sweet and nice and he lives to be a knight in shining armor.
But, unfortunately, it hasn’t been working for him in the way of lasting happiness.
In fact, he brings the phrase “unlucky in love” to a whole new level.
And, excuse me…
He was supposed to be “so in love” with Sarah that he waited about 5 seconds after she left town to hop in bed with Vanessa!
Christian and Vanessa.jpg

Lola, Christian and Vanessa
And now it’s looking more like it was actually Vanessa (Jacqueline Hendy) who may have killed Lola’s mother….
Hendy certainly plays a good seductress. No question.
I just wish Vanessa would go away. And bring back Sarah ASAP!
As for Lola (Camila Banus)…..
She’s getting awfully chummy with Markko (Jason Tam), who just so happens to be her cousin’s boyfriend – and that better not be going where I think it’s going.
Four words for Lola: Step away from Markko!

I am officially depressed.
And extremely agitated and upset.
Things have to be pretty dire because I’m writing my second rant blog in the same week about One Life To Live – my fave soap!
The show has gone downhill even further since the beginning of the week (which I didn’t think was possible) and it was so bad after Wednesday’s show that I don’t feel like watching.
And that is serious!
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Here’s my big thing….I watch soaps as an E-S-C-A-P-E from reality.
I like soapy, fun-type drama. That’s why I watch soaps….
I do not, however, tune in to watch violence, torture, pain and suffering and get depressed afterward.
And that’s what’s happening.
Wednesday’s episode was so dark and so depressing that I couldn’t wait until it ended.
Let’s recap.
First you have poor Natalie (Melissa Archer) being held captive in Llanfair’s basement by her sister’s demented alter personality, Tess (Bree Williamson).
The two actresses are really hitting it out of the ball park with their scenes. Absolutely.
That’s probably why I’m so distressed by it all.
Their scenes are so believable that it’s all too scary for me.
Williamson is doing such a great job of playing the malevolent, Tess, that it’s so uncomfortable to watch Natalie come to the horrific realization that there’s no way out.
First of all, this storyline is a rewrite from eons ago when one of Viki’s alters held Dorian captive in the basement.
Just when I thought we were done with all those regurgitated past storylines from the 40th anniversary episodes.
Enough already!
Then there was Tina (Andrea Evans) sniveling and sniffling to Viki’s picture in the living room because she is being blackmailed into silence about Tess holding Natalie captive.
The wonderfully, talented Andrea Evans and this is the only thing the writers can come up for her to do?
Then there’s Christian (David Fumero) being held on a ship by Carlo (Thom Christopher) – been there, done that too.
The last time Carlo held Christian captive on a ship, Carlo wiped away Christian’s memory and brainwashed him into killing Tico Santi.
Personally, I thought that was one of the worst and darkest storylines in OLTL history.
So on Thursday’s episode, that s/l went from bad to worse by throwing Christian into a Columbian prison.
Why is it that OLTL writers just love, love, love torturing the Vega family?
I just don’t get it.
Both Vega boys have had more than their share of pain and suffering.
Then there was Jared (John Brotherton) off in the aforementioned Columbian prison (talk about dark and depressing) trying to strike a deal with Langston’s long-lost Uncle Ray Montez (A. Martinez) and break him out to wreak havoc with Langston’s life, per orders of Clint.
I really like Langston and dread the heartache that she’s about to experience.
Those scenes in the Columbian prison gave me the creeps.
Once again, not something I’m looking for in my soap opera fare.
In between all of this dark drama, you have a few light scenes between Cole (Brandon Buddy) and Matthew (Eddie Alderson) talking about Matthew’s fears about getting beat up in high school. I do like the dynamic between these two young actors and it did offer some light moments in an otherwise dreary hour.
There also were some nice moments with Starr (Kristen Alderson) and Langston (Brittany Underwood).
But, honestly, how uplifting is a seven-month pregnant 16-year-old ready to go back to high school while pregnant?
I like the real friendship that shows through in scenes with Alderson and Underwood. Alderson has done a wonderful job with a tough s/l.
But it’s not exactly a feel-good, happy s/l.
For me, the highlight of Wednesday’s show was when Natalie (I just love how she is so spunky, even in distress) struck out verbally at Tess.
“You’re just an angry bitch with an axe to grind.”
She practically spat those words through the thick, soundproof glass.
Pretty gutsy, eh?

There’s a lot of things I’m not crazy about in Llanview these days.
Top of the list: Todd Manning’s rage towards his daughter and her teenage boyfriend. But I’ve written enough about that last week.
Also not liking that sick, twisted freak Lee Ramsey.
I’ll save that diatribe for another day.
Add to that the Jared storyline and all the lies related to him..i.e. Charlie getting tangled up in the lies and Charlie, in turn, lying about being Rex’s father.
Not liking any of that either.
But I’ll tell you what I have liked this week: the Vega boys.
As in Christian and Antonio.
And it’s not any huge storyline that I’m talking about.
It’s actually two vignettes that occurred over the past few days.
The first was between Christian Vega (David Fumero) and Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva).
David Fumero (Christian)
I have to say, I love the friendship that has developed between these two.
It started after they had that awful ONS on Llantano Mountain last year, when they thought that Todd was sleeping with Evangeline. But he wasn’t and they did.
Thankfully, they realized their mistake. And after that, they developed a really nice friendship, which comes across warmly onscreen.
Maybe it’s the fact that their pairing is intermittent, so that when we see these two it really makes an impression.
Kassie DePaiva (Blair)
They came together this week to talk – each with a big problem.
Blair was upset over Todd’s rage against Cole and Starr.
Christian was upset over Antonio losing all his money and possessions, including Capricorn, which meant Blair was out of singing job.
When the two were together – it was only a couple of scenes – their problems seemed to ease if only for the moment.
I have a feeling that maybe Blair might buy Capricorn. She has that million or so she got from Todd from marrying him.
David and Kassie have a nice, easy way about them and it really translates together onscreen.
As for Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes), I was happy that he and Jessica (Bree Williamson) finally seemed to clear the air after their nasty split.
Jessica really did him wrong when she cheated on him all over town with Nash Brennan (Forbes March). That whole saga was just disgusting the way it all went down.
It was particularly reprehensible when Jessica promised Antonio’s daugher, Jamie, that she would adopt her. When in court for the adoption proceeding, Jessica ran out of the courtroom saying she couldn’t go through with it.
Even after Antonio found out about the infidelity, he donated a part of his liver to Jessica, who desperately needed a transplant.
Now that’s a gentleman.
Antonio and Jessica divorced and she married Nash. She apologized to Antonio in the past.
But to me, it never really appeared sincere until yesterday, when she told him how sorry she was about his losing the Santi money and everything else.
And, thankfully, Antonio has gotten past the anger and has moved on with Talia (BethAnn Bonner).
“I try to hold onto the good and forget about the bad. That way I don’t have too many regrets along the way,” Antonio said to Jessica.
Good advice for us all.