By Michele Dargan I really want to post a positive One Life To Live blog, because, after all, it’s my favorite soap….or at least it was for about 40 years. The past couple of months, not so much. I watch General Hospital first and then watch OLTL on DVR. That, in itself, speaks volumes. But […]

By Michele Dargan Were you all wiping your eyes after watching Tuesday’s One Life To Live? Soooo many good performances…… Where to start…. First of all, Mark Lawson, as Brody, was phenomenal throughout the past few days…particularly on Tuesday when he was talking to Jessica (Bree Williamson) about how he wants a family with her. […]

There have been so many good things happening on OLTL and so many good acting performances that I don’t even know where to begin. Let me start with the baby switch reveal and Bree Williamson’s powerful performances. She swept me along for the ride through all three of her personalities (Jess/TessBess) and, especially, her emotions […]