By Michele Dargan

I love Claire Walsh as the tough-as-nails prosecutor on General Hospital for many reasons.

Steve Burton (Jason) and Dahlia Salem (Claire) on GH. (ABC/Patrick Wymore)

For one, Dahlia Salem as Walsh brings a great deal of realism to the role.

She has the mannerisms and presence of a prosecutor down better than many real-life prosecutors.

I know this because is my real job as a news reporter, I cover courts and spend lots of time sitting in courtrooms and watching prosecutors on a daily basis.

Salem, as Walsh, is the real deal.

She’s tough. She’ll do just about anything to win a case – except lie which is taboo – and she has a conscience.

She also has a soft side – as evidenced by her talk with Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) about her biological clock ticking.

I love her paired with Lucky, btw, and I hope that’s where the writers go with her.

Of course, these days, Walsh is making a deal with the devil – namely Sonny -in order to arrest Johnny.

Now, that part, I don’t really like, because – up to now – everything about her character was pretty much real.

But, seriously, this would never happen in reality!

At least not with any ethical prosecutor – and that’s exactly what Claire is.

Remember how incensed she was when she discovered that Jax lied to her and knew it was Michael who killed Claudia all along?

That was real!

But I really liked Monday’s eppy when Claire told Sonny (Maurice Benard) what he was really about.

And she nailed it!

“You’re really good at justifying yourself,” Claire said. “And what’s fascinating to me is that everything that people say, is true. You are ruthless and you’re manipulative. I wouldn’t call you brilliant, but you’re certainly cunning.

“You’re your own biggest fan and you think the world owes you a favor because your stepdad slapped you around. And you use your bad experiences to justify the violence you cause. You’re an emotional bully!”

But then Sonny comes back with telling her that HE knows what she’s all about – her career! And that’s why she doensn’t have a husband or children.

He goes on to tell her that if she arrests him instead of Johnny, it would be much better for her career, because he’s a much bigger fish to fry and Johnny’s a nobody.

“You’re ego never fails to astound me,” Claire says. “Where I’m headed, people like you are somebody else’s problem and, where I’m headed, you’re not a thought on anybody’s mind. You’re just something they scrape off the bottom of their shoes. You’re a stepping stone…just another way to get where I’m going.”

Well said, Claire!

Dahlia Salem (Claire) and Maurice Benard (Sonny) on GH. (ABC/Ron Tom)

However, I’m really afraid of the path they’re going down….

You see, for some reason which I fail to understand, Sonny attracts some strong, smart women.

Case in point: Alexis.

Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) was Sonny’s attorney when she slept with him. Can you say Conflict of Interest?

One Time and BINGO -she’s pregnant!

I DON’T – and I Mean DON’T want to see Claire go down that road.

I cannot stomach Sonny seducing one more intelligent woman and make her into a driveling, Sonny defender.

Not this one!

Run Claire, Run!!!