You know which couple I’m enjoying right now?
One Life to Live‘s David Vickers and Viki Davidson.
I realize they’re not a couple couple, as in romance, hearts and flowers. But they’re so good together in their own unique way that I get a big ol’ smile on my face whenever they’re on screen.
Of course, I firmly believe that Tuc Watkins (David) and Erika Slezak (Viki) can make a scene work with anyone. They are both super talented. Maybe that’s why I’m so enamored of their, albeit strictly platonic, relationship.
It’s cute the way David gets all flirty with her, even though the audience — and he — knows that nothing would ever happen. Viki’s too wise, too mature and way too aware of who David is to fall for his quirky charm. Although when he shows up just wearing a towel, she has to be having a few not-so-pure thoughts. Only the strongest of will wouldn’t be affected by that chiseled chest!
What I love most about their relationship is that Viki sees the good, caring soul that often seems irretrievably buried underneath David’s greedy, scheming, freeloader ways. And … surprise, surprise … David actually likes that she sees that. Viki makes him want to do good, even if he doesn’t always follow through.
David, however, isn’t the only one who benefits from the connection. Viki gains a friend who lightens up her life a bit. Goodness knows this long-suffering heroine could use a few more laughs. David is just the man for the job.
I suppose I could be a little biased in all this. Viki and David are two of my OLTL faves.
Viki is the quintessential class act. She’s smart, attractive and moral. The heartbeat of the show. I want to be her when I grow up.
David, on the other hand, is a grifter always looking for the next handout or easy score. But he has such a lovable quality about him. Tuc’s comic timing is absolutely flawless. Whenever he makes a return engagement as David, he breathes fresh, comic air into Llanview. But it’s comedy with a heart.
I’m not looking for this couple to ever become romantic. No way, no how. It would ruin what makes them so special.
I like that OLTL is exploring a male/female friendship. Truly platonic ones are rather rare on soaps, don’t ya think?