Go Di-ANE!
Whoo Hoo!
I am just so happy.
After endless months of flirting with Max, super attorney Diane Miller made the first move by pulling Sonny’s bodyguard to her and laying a long, passionate kiss on the otherwise, shy Max.
And it didn’t end there!
After they had sex on – of all places – Sonny’s couch, Diane’s new BFF and fellow attorney Alexis Davis walks in on them….staid, uptight Alexis.

These scenes were welcome comic relief in a show that – at the moment – abounds with dark, sad and tragic storylines.
Let’s see…
We have Nikolas taking the experimental drug in order to keep his dead fiancee, Emily, coming to him via hallucinations; while faithful and adoring nurse Nadine is taking the brunt of his delusions – Dark.
Claudia and Johnny Zacchara trying to deflect suspicion about Michael’s shooting from them – Dark.
Grief-stricken Sonny, blaming himself for his son’s shooting and pacing around his coffee warehouse with a gun – Dark.
Elizabeth and Jason ending their relationship – Sad.
Carly and Jason grieving – Sad.
Michael’s shooting and the ensuing prognosis that he may never regain conciousness – Tragic.
There you have it in a nutshell.
Not much uplifting happening on GH these days.
Except Diane, Max and Alexis.
They add a much needed laugh to episodes that have brought buckets of tears.
Watch the scene after Alexis walks in and she chastises an unrepentant, Diane.

Ever since Max (Derk Cheetwood) had that obsessive crush on Carly, I’ve wanted Max to have a real love interest.
Those scenes really brought out Cheetwood’s comedic side. And he is so likeable and so funny!
As for Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) – I’ve craved scenes with them ever since the duo embarked on their excellent adventure .
Grahn and Hennesy are brilliant together. They feed off each other seemlessly.
Check out the Diane and Alexis scene that preceded the Diane/Max encounter.
Alexis was crazed over the realization that Michael’s shooting could have been Christina, her daughter with Sonny.
Diane tried to help her friend, offering spirits and advice.

Did you catch the part when Coleman delivers Diane’s umbrella drink and Alexis tears the top off and begins slurping it?
Too funny!
Now that Diane and Max have done the deed, I’m looking forward to seeing where this will go.

Let me preface this by saying it’s not going to be another General Hospital rant.
There isn’t a lot about General Hospital that I’m liking these days.
Violence, mob wars, killing Emily and Georgie…..Ugh!
There’s more….
Just when Ric Lansing was getting his humanity back….
Just when it looked like Ric (Rick Hearst) and Skye Quartermaine (Robin Christopher) would finally find a little happiness with each other…
Skye announces she’s leaving town!
I can’t even discuss it, I’m so mad.
So, yeah, I’m not happy with GH overall.
However, there are a few characters who I absolutely love.
Diane Miller, played by Carolyn Hennesy, is one of those.
Since the moment she stepped her designer shoes into Port Charles, Diane has never failed to entertain.
Hennesy’s portrayal of the tough-as-nails, hard-hitting, perfectly coiffed, couture-wearing, defense attorney for mob boss Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) has been a joy to watch.
What started as a small, character part has blossomed into a major player in Port Charles.
And, more importantly, a very enjoyable one!
I love watching Diane flirt with Max, Sonny’s bodyguard.
There was a scene awhile back with the two of them drowning their sorrows about Sonny and Carly at a bar and coming thisclose to leaving together.
It has been fun watching as little by little they are realizing an attraction for each other.
The scene in Sonny’s backroom last week was so funny, when Max (Derk Cheetwood) entered, saw Diane and squirted some breath spray into his mouth.
She not only plays the tough, lady lawyer scenes perfectly, but she also has a wonderful comedic side that always makes me laugh out loud – never more than the past few days when she’s been paired with her legal nemesis, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn).
Both were nominated for Litigator of the Year.
Both were shown receiving their letters, scrambling to get couture gowns and boarding a plane to the awards ceremony in Philadelphia.
They end up sitting next to each other on the plane – thus begins Alexis and Diane’s not-so excellent adventure.

And they were such pains to the flight attendant that they end up getting kicked off the plane.
So Funny!
Grahn and Hennesy feed so well off of each other.
They both have a great natural comedic delivery and the two together are hysterical. I mean I could not stop laughing throughout their escapades trying to get to Philadelphia to see who will collect the coveted award.
They rent a car and get a flat tire and then run out of gas in the middle of nowhere.
So they grab the garment bags with their gowns and begin walking towards a light.
It turns out to be a biker bar.

If you think their plane and car escapades were funny, check out the biker bar video.
These two veteran actresses remind me of Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance.
General Hospital needs more Diane and Alexis and less mob wars and violence.