So I pretty much crashed and burned Big Time with my guess about General Hospital’s Text-Message Killer.
Yeah, I thought it was either Daniel the bus boy or Dr. Ian Devlin (Seamus Dever).
Instead, we have Diego Alcazar miraculously returning from the dead.
tmk diego.jpg
I know. I know. It’s a soap. Expect that no one is ever really dead.
But in doing some serious intel – it has come to my attention from two independent sources that maybe I wasn’t so offbase about Dr. Devlin having a dark side.
I ran into Catherine in Publix Wednesday. Catherine is a long-time ABC soap fan and is big into GH.
Haven’t seen her for awhile, but we start chatting about the TMK reveal and my pick about Dr. Devlin.
Then Catherine says that she thinks Dr. Devlin is really the guy with the tattoo who is talking by phone to Jerry Jax, while Jerry’s pretending to be Mr. Moreau.
Jerry – as Moreau – is trying to get Lorenzo Alcazar’s docks for this as yet unnamed, unseen mystery man with a tattoo on his shoulder.
Catherine lays this theory on me…..and I’m thinking she might have something there.
The next day, I see my nail tech, Angela….also a long-time ABC soap fan.
I’m telling her how I bungled the TMK killer’s identity.
Before I even got to Catherine’s theory, Angela immediately blurted out that she thinks Devlin is the guy with the tattoo.
“It’s the voice,” Angela says. “It’s the same.”
Two separate sources, independent of each other, predicting the same thing.
There could be something to this theory.
I just hope it doesn’t take another five months – like the TMK’s identity – to be revealed.
Anyone else out there think they may be onto something?