By Michele Dargan

It looks like we’re heading into the home stretch with that DREADFUL Liz/Lucky/Nikolas triangle on General Hospital.

And, I must say, it can’t finish soon enough for me!

Thank goodness Rebecca (Natalia Livingston) spotted Liz and Nik in the throes of passion Friday – which means that she will tell Lucky.

Amen to that!!!

I mean is anyone else sick of the unending scenes with Liz telling Lucky how much she loves him and wants to be a wife to him……and 5 minutes later she’s either making out or making love to Nikolas, who happens to be Lucky’s brother!

Elizabeth and Nikolas Ron Tom/ABC

Elizabeth and Nikolas

Ron Tom/ABC

For one thing, I’ve had a love/hate feeling for Elizabeth over the past few years.

I always liked Liz….until she started hating on Sam a couple of years back.

I have to say that I totally agreed with Sam…that Elizabeth put herself out there as this paragon of virtue and she was so NOT if you check her track record for ONS.

It’s called being a hypocrite.

That’s why, a couple of weeks ago, I was heartened by that scene when Sam was coming out of Kelly’s Diner and Elizabeth apologized for being so mean to Sam a few years back.

Sam McCall

Sam McCall

William Foster/ABC

I actually really liked Liz again – after the whole Jason debacle.

And now this!

Cheating on Lucky with his brother and lying to Lucky telling him that she wants to make a life with him!

I just can’t help feeling sorry for Lucky. I mean how many times does he have to get hurt?

Elizabeth and Lucky

Elizabeth and Lucky

Ron Tom/ABC

But I must confess, I’m not really relating to the “original” Lucky, Jonathan Jackson. TPTB bumped fan favorite Greg Vaughan for Jackson a few weeks back.

But what I can’t understand is – why?

Many fans are not happy that Vaughan was let go – me among them.

I don’t have anything against Jackson. He’s a fine actor. But I just don’t look at him as Lucky.

For one thing, I think he looks too young for the part and doesn’t look like he’s a match with Rebecca Herbst.

Just my opinion.

I really, really like Herbst. She’s very talented and does a wonderful job with the character. But she needs some good writing for Elizabeth.

Hello, writing team!

But, getting back to the triangle….

The sooner it’s over the better.