By Joshua

Move over Nuke! Here comes Leid!

Back in 2007, soap fans went nuts when CBS announced As The World Turns was bringing on Noah Mayer (Jake Silbermann) as a love interest for Luke Snyder (Van Hansis). It would be the first male same sex couple on soaps.

And at first, everybody loved them.

Until they broke them up time and time again.

Nuke – the name of the supercouple Luke and Noah – has had to deal with a lot.

First, there was Noah’s homophobic father, who shot Luke. Then, they had to deal with Luke’s paralysis as a result of the shooting.

Eventually, they were happy. But that didn’t last.

Noah’s father, an army man, had served in Iraq. An Iraqi woman, who he had saved, ceme to the US needing a green card. So Noah married her out of obligation.

When that’ended, Luke’s step-grandfat`er, Brian, kame onto Luke%2G causing him to/drink.

When that was resolved, Luoe and Noah fina`ly consummated pheir relationship after two long years.

Then, they had to deal with Noah’s professor, Mason, who had an unhealthy relationship with Noah. And finally, Noah went blind and pushed Luke away.

Last week, they broke up after Noah told Luke they might never get back together.

I’ve almost written the whole article about Nuke, so let’s move on to Dr. Reid.

Dr. Reid Oliver, who is gay, is Noah’s neurosurgeon is the man who is partially responsible for Nuke’s breaking up.

Eric Stevens as Dr. Reid Oliver/ATWT

Reid (Eric Stevens) and Luke hate each other, but it seems like hate may turn into passion. Which will turn into love.

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Reid is arrogant, and self-absorbed, but he and Luke have chemistry.

So with the Nuke chapter of Luke’s life over, will the Reid chapter begin?