You know who’s really evolved as a character in a relatively short time?
Brody Lovett (Mark Lawson) on One Life To Live.
Let’s flashback to April, when Brody first appeared on our screen as the bearded, boozing, fighting, womanizing neanderthal.
Well, here……take a look for yourself at this first visual of Brody.

It was a stark contrast to Gigi Morasco’s portrait of Brody as the brave, honorable, Navy Seal and the “father” of her son, Shane.
But within a month, he showed up at the action-packed wedding of Rex and Adriana. Brody was clean-shaven in his dress whites looking like he stepped out of “An Officer and A Gentleman.”
Quite a difference, eh?
And he’s committed to Gigi (Farah Fath), wants to build a life with her and keep up the pretense that he is Shane’s father.
Although he looked a lot different on the outside, he definitely still had some “issues” on the inside.
His drinking for one.
But, because he wanted to make things work between him and Gigi, Brody went to an AA meeting.
So he is trying.
What has really warmed my heart, though, is Brody’s growing relationship with Shane (Austin Williams).
I love the recent bonding scenes with Shane, while Gigi is off trying to get Rex back from 1968.
Meanwhile, back in 2008, there is a real solid relationship building between Brody and Shane.
It’s really great how Lawson has developed Brody and has shown his gentle, loving side.
My spies at the OLTL Fan Club events last weekend tell me that Lawson is super nice and that he really appreciates his fans. The word “awesome” was used in reference to him.
It seems he went above and beyond and really spent a lot of time with his fans.
And you gotta love that!

There are so many riviting performances lately on One Life To Live lately, that I must give kudos all around.
But there’s one person who never fails to entertain, whether it’s a light-hearted moment or a serious situation…
John-Paul Lavoisier as Rex Balsom.
Rex came onto the scene as a kind of a scammer…a bad boy always looking to make a quick buck….a younger version of David Vickers (Tuc Watkins).
But over the years, he has grown and matured into a loyal, do-the-right-thing kinda guy…
This, in large part, due to his close friendship with Bo Buchanan (Robert S. Woods), who has always been one of my favorites.
Bo is the epitomy of do-the-right thing.
I also think Jen’s murder turned a corner for Rex on a path to being a better person.
He really loved Jen and her murder was devastating for him.
He also bonded in grief with Marcie and Lindsay – friendships that have lasted and flourished over the years.
In fact, his friendship with Marcie led to his pact with her husband, Michael, keeping the secret that their adoptive son, Tommy, was really Todd Manning’s lost son.
And, boy, was Rex ever loyal to Michael during that entire situation.
But it really struck me just how far Rex has come during the past few weeks and particularly during Monday’s episode, when he told Adriana that their days-old marriage is over.
Rex – who was known to lie and scheme during his early days in Llanview – tells Adriana he can’t overlook her scheme to bring Brody to Llanview in order to keep Gigi Morasco (Farah Fath), Rex’s high school sweetheart, away from him.
He also is brutally honest – telling Adriana (Melissa Fumero) that he was having doubts about marrying her before the wedding.
Rex and Adriana have gone through a lot to be together, that’s for sure.
Remember when Dorian set up that whacko stalker and made it look like Rex? She almost got Adriana killed that time.
Rex and Adriana talked through their tears Monday as they neared their final split.
I’m sure part of the sadness was real…
Fumero is leaving the show and these were some of her last scenes.
Much luck to Melissa in her new endeavors.
As for Rex, he still needs to find out that Shane is his son – A.S.A.P.

I can-not believe it!
I actually liked Jared Banks yesterday.
Really! I never thought I’d ever write that phrase.
I was so not liking him from the jump on One Life To Live.
Jared (John Brotherton) seemed sort of dark from day one. Maybe because we first saw in prison. That’s never really a good setting for anyone.
Then there was that whole thing where he underhandedly bought control of Nash’s vineyard from Antonio as revenge against Jess/Tess.
I guess I can kinda understand that. After all, it was Jess – as her alter Tess – who set Jared up to go to prison for something he didn’t do.
But one thing I really couldn’t stand about Jared is the way he started getting involved with Natalie only to jump at the chance to masquerade as her uncle in order to gain money and power with the Buchanan name.
The other thing I didn’t like about him is how he didn’t treat his real father, Charlie Banks, with respect.
So Jared was a lose/lose situation in my eyes…..Until yesterday in his scenes with Gigi…He actually showed humanity.
Humanity! Not a word I would have associated with him, previously.
First there was the scene where she spilled coffee and he helped her clean it up.
They were so cute together and he seemed to be really concerned that something was bothering her.
Actually it was two somethings bothering her – that freakazoid police commish, Ramsey, who tried to kill Gigi and her son, Shane, and Rex, her high school sweetheart who is Shane’s father.
But the thing is, Gigi (Farah Fath) never told Rex about Shane and visa versa.
So when Gigi was upset about Ramsey’s threats and her secret about Rex, Jared comforted her.
And he was sincere and caring.
The topper was the cliff hanger, when Rex walked in on Jared and Gigi kissing.
I think I see some possibilities here.