This has been on my mind for awhile.
And since Kara just blogged about a possible new interest for Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) on General Hospital , I thought I’d follow-up with my thoughts, such as they are.
I have grown to dislike Maxie over the past couple of years.
Basically, she’s a train wreck.
Or she was.
Firstly, because of her oh-so-slutty behavior with Lucky.
Namely, sleeping with him while he was addicted to pain pills, keeping him supplied with said illegal pills, making him dependant upon her for the pills and setting out to break up his marriage by feeding him pills and sleeping with him.
Then when that didn’t get him away from Elizabeth, Maxie faked a pregnancy.
Thankfullly, that didn’t work either.
Then she started to get on track with Coop.
Although that relationship started out less-than-stellar when he was one of Mr. Craig’s evil-doers in the Metro Court hostage crisis, Coop turned out to be a good guy.
Too good for Maxie.
Because Maxie sabotaged that relationship by sleeping with Coop’s friend, Logan, in order to get back at Lulu.
Granted, Maxie hasn’t had an easy time of it.
Let’s see.
Her parents’ basically abandoned her.
Her heart transplant started to fail and she almost died.
Then her cop boyfriend, Jesse, was gunned down.
That really started her downward spiral.
I think part of the Lucky thing was a reaction to Jesse’s death, because Lucky and Jesse were partners on the Port Charles Police Department.
Then, her beloved sister, Georgie, was murdered.
Then Coop was accused of being the Text-Message Killer and then HE was murdered by the TMK.
So, yeah, I don’t know how anyone comes away from all that – not screwed up.
Now, mind you, I like Kirsten as Maxie. She really delivers.
Check out these scenes related to Georgie’s murder..

Since Georgie’s murder and Maxie’s subsequent friendship with Spinelli – played by the amazingly talented Bradford Anderson – Maxie began the road to redemption.
Landing her dream job as the first assistant to fashionista Kate Howard (Megan Ward) and flourishing in the job has also gone a long way towards turning Maxie’s life around.
I actually like her now. I do.
Especially her bitchfests with Lulu!
I’m not sure how I feel about a possible love match with Maxie and Spinelli – and that’s just because of all the bad stuff she’s done in her past.
Deep, down in my heart, I feel Spinelli’s too good for Maxie.
Well…for bad Maxie.
But, as Spinelli calls her “The Wounded Blonde One,” he’s right on target.
She is wounded.
Because Maxie always felt like she wasn’t good enough… that she was the bad sister. Those feelings – compounded by her parents’ abandonment – has led her to do the bad things in her past.
So, the jury’s out.
Let’s see if, in fact, Maxie stays on the right path.

I canNOT believe General Hospital has fired little Michael!
Dylan Cash, who entered Port Charles in the role of Michael Corinthos III when he was 7 years old in 2002, has been let go.
Apparently, GH plans to keep him in the coma for awhile and when he wakes up – he’ll be several years older AND another actor.
I just have one question.
What’s the point?
We’ve all watched Dylan grow up on GH from a little kid into a young man and a wonderful actor.
I, for one, am invested in Dylan as Michael and to switch him for another actor just to make him older doesn’t make sense to me.
There are enough older teens on GH now.
After all these years, I will find it hard to accept that all of sudden…Whalla! Michael’s 20!
It’s not so bad when they SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome) a child actor who has only been in the role for a short time.
But really, Dylan has been Michael for as long as I can remember.
It’s bad enough that GH killed off Emily (Natalia Livingston) and Georgie (Lindze Letherman).
Excuse me. I’m still livid about those killings.
Now, in essence, they’re killing off the Michael that we’ve all come to know and love.
According to several fan sites, Dylan was blindsided by the firing.
I find it all very sad.

I’m not big into the New Year’s resolution thing.
Never really have been.
So instead of resolutions, here is my list of wishes for some of the characters in my two favorite soaps for the coming year.
I’d also love to hear your wishes for characters on your favorite soap in 2008!
One Life To Live
John: Only good things for my fave Johnny Boy in 2008….That he find some peace…that he is able to find a real and lasting love and that he’s able to say the word. That the writers give him some lighter moments, so that he is able to show his great sense of humor that we’ve only gotten glimpses of in the past year. And that he further bonds with the orphaned, Cole.
Cole: That he doesn’t stay angry about his mother’s death.
Viki: That she and Charlie continue their relationship and that it grows deeper.
Natalie: She has had such tragedy in her relationships (Of course she has. This is a soap opera, after all). Well, she’s had more than her share – even for a soap. I’d really like to see her happy for awhile – and, for me, that doesn’t mean with ‘Uncle’ Jared. I like her rapport with Miles and wouldn’t mind seeing those two as a couple. That would mean fighting her ‘mother,’ Roxy, for Miles’ affection. Hmm.
Roxy: That she ends up paired with Moe, from the Bonjour Cafe. Those two would be hysterical together!
Dorian: That she continues playing Mother Bear to Langston and that she gets back with Clint (although I don’t think that’s possible).
Langston: That she continues to be a strong presence as the newest Cramer woman.
Nora: That her rivalry with Lindsay continues in full force and that she prosecutes Lindsay for Spencer’s murder. I’d also like to see Nora in a romantic relationship, although not with Clint.
Lindsay: That she gets out of St. Anne’s, that she is cleared of Spencer’s murder and that she continue building her friendship – and maybe more – with Bo.
Todd and Blair: That this will be their last and final marriage (Was this number three, four or five?).
Michael and Marcie: That they find their way back to each other and that they, somehow, remain a part of Tommy’s life.
Talia and Antonio: Finally! This has been a long time coming and is a pairing that I have been most anticipating. These two have great chemistry and are such fun to watch! They both have had their share of hard times. Antonio deserves someone who is really into him after Jessica kicked him to the curb for Nash.
Nash and Jessica: Whatever!
General Hospital
Spinelli: That Georgie’s long-lost look-alike cousin (in the form of Lindze Letherman) comes to Port Charles and he will get a second chance at love.
Sonny: That he leaves the mob and enter’s Kate’s world, becoming a model for Couture magazine.
Jason: That he, too, leaves the mob and is able to claim Elizabeth and Jake as his own. (See Kara, I can play nice)
Max and Diane: That the two give in to their attraction for each other. I think this pairing would be a riot to watch.
Patrick and Robin: That they come to the realization that they should be together – with or without a child – and get married.
Lulu: That she stop hopping from one guy to the next and make some kind of decision as to who she wants to be with.
Sam: That she finally finds some happiness and I hope that’s with Lucky. Yeah, she’s made mistakes. Who hasn’t? But she hasn’t had an easy time of it and always seems to end up with the short end of the stick. Let’s hope, this time, someone puts her first.
Skye: Speaking of short end of the stick….Skye’s another one who’s been kicked to the curb by every man in her life and she deserves some happiness – and I hope that can be possible with Ric.
Jax and Carly: Whatever!
Maxie: That she stops lying, cheating and sleeping around – and by no means do I want to see her end up with Spinelli!
Mac: That this very worthy and wonderful vet be given some kind of major storyline and a new love interest.
Monica: Ditto.
Ned and Dillon: That they return to Port Charles long term.
Laura: That she emerges from her coma, returns to Port Charles and goes head-to-head with Tracy for Luke’s affections.