I am officially depressed. And extremely agitated and upset. Things have to be pretty dire because I’m writing my second rant blog in the same week about One Life To Live – my fave soap! The show has gone downhill even further since the beginning of the week (which I didn’t think was possible) and […]

One Life To Live has been so captivating and so action-packed over the past two weeks – I don’t know where to begin – it’s been that good! On Friday, I wrote about Blair finally standing up to Todd and Todd beginning to get his comeuppance. (See blog below). There was so much more to […]

I can-not believe it! I actually liked Jared Banks yesterday. Really! I never thought I’d ever write that phrase. I was so not liking him from the jump on One Life To Live. Jared (John Brotherton) seemed sort of dark from day one. Maybe because we first saw in prison. That’s never really a good […]