By Michele Dargan I know it’s been out for awhile…. But I just had a chance to watch all six webisodes of the online ABC fantasy soap series “What If,” where they pair a character from one ABC soap in a chance meeting with a character from another soap….. HY-sterical! The thing about the episodes […]

By Michele Dargan First they break up Spixie…. And now they’re turning Spinelli dark. Why is it that soap writers feel the need to take something reaalllly good – and turn it bad? And even worse, they are not being true to the character – at all!! That’s one of my biggest problems with the […]

By Michele Dargan I LOVE to discuss my soaps with other fans, because it helps me to see things from other points of view…other perspectives. And even though I might not like a particular storyline, there are fans out there who do. It was just one of those convos I had recently with my good […]