So it finally happened!
Jax (Ingo Rademacher) finally, FINALLY walked out on Carly (Laura Wright) on General Hospital.
And she so got what she deserved.
I mean really, how annoying has she been over the past few weeks….
So-o-o-o Annoying!!
And self-absorbed…let’s not forget that.
I simply could not stand another conversation about how hurt she is because Jax kissed Kate Howard.
And how about her whole absurd reasoning that Jax kissing Kate was far worse than Carly and Sonny having sex in the back of a limo.
Yeah. Talk about rationalization.
As I was cheering (silently not audibly) as Jax was finally fed up with Carly’s machinations and was parting ways with her – a funny thing happened.
Carly actually made a couple of good points….points that I had put aside because of Carly’s bad behavior of late.
She pointed out Jax’s bad track record for walking away from wives.
It’s not like I really forgot that Jax had left Skye on their wedding night when Brenda showed up.
I had just put it to the back of my mind.
Because, you see, I abhorred Jax for a long, long time after that happened.
He threw Skye away like yesterday’s garbage – for Brenda, who ultimately jilted him.
It’s kind of hard to feel empathy for him thinking back on that.
And in the end, Carly and Jax got what they deserve – another failed marriage.