By Michele Dargan I was never, ever one of those girls who was attracted to the bad boys. In life – and in soaps – it’s the good guys….the guys with honesty and integrity, who I always root for. Having said that, my top three fave guys in soapland these days are actually quite similar […]

By Michele I CAN’T WAIT for today’s One Life To Live!!! How many times have I said THAT in the past few months??? Ummmmm…..let me see……NONE! But last week’s lead up to Bo and Nora’s wedding was pure fun – and, might I add, GENIUS on the part of the writers. Showcasing the talents of […]

By Michele Dargan It’s pretty sad when the only thing I like about a soap is the opening theme song. Yes sireeeee. I loved hearing the OLTL opening theme song – sung with the words – for those three days of the musical. Each day the song was performed by different singers – one day […]