I just can’t get enough T&B on One Life To Live.
Not Todd and Blair.
I’m talking about Tea and Blair.
Tea (Florencia Lozano) and Blair (Kassie DePaiva) have such an amazing onscreen rapport.
The two work off each other seemlessly in a back and forth repartee – one minute they’re commiserating together and the next they’re trading insults and screaming at each other….or worse.
And, as always, the subject that sets everything off – Todd!
Like yesterday.
They started out so civilly, with Blair almost apologetic about sleeping with Todd.
And the next minute…..
They ended up in an all-out brawl and had to be pulled apart by Shaun….
The funniest part was when Tea – who is still recuperating from near death – took her walking cane and smashed Todd’s glassware, breaking the cane in the process.
I mean, the two of them are out-and-out hysterical.
Well here.
See for yourself.

And all this was BEFORE Todd proposed to Tea…..

There have been so many good things happening on OLTL and so many good acting performances that I don’t even know where to begin.
Let me start with the baby switch reveal and Bree Williamson’s powerful performances.
She swept me along for the ride through all three of her personalities (Jess/TessBess) and, especially, her emotions when Jess finally faced that Bess had switched her dead baby with Starr’s live one and the impact to all involved.
Whether Williamson is feeling happy or sad as Jessica, she is always so real and she makes me feel every range of emotion along with Jessica.
And she does this time after time after time – consistent, strong performances.
I also love the Jess/Brody pairing.
Mark Lawson as Brody also has delivered time and again – particularly those scenes when he was comforting Jessica near the empty baby’s crib after Chloe – now Hope – had been given back to Starr.
jess and brody at cemetary.jpg
Jess and Brody
Then there’s Kristen Alderson as Starr and Brandon Buddy as Cole.
Kudos to both these young actors for their performances when they discover their baby, Hope, who they believed to be dead was really alive.
They, too, took me through their range of emotions….from despair at the death of the baby, to their detective work in trying to find out the cause of death and finally to the elation that their baby was alive!
Starr and Cole reuniting with their baby was one big – awwwwww…..Followed by sadness, once again, when they gave Hope to Marcie and Michael McBain (Kathy Brier and Chris Stack) as promised.
But wait!
Marcie later overheard Langston telling Markko that it broke Starr’s heart to give up her baby and Marcie gave Hope back to Starr!
Elation once again for Starr ……
That is, until she finds out that Cole violated his probation by trying to throw away pills put in his pocket by his former drug dealer when – at that very moment – a cop came by and caught him with the drugs in his hand.
So now, they have their baby back and could be one big happy family…But, oh no, now Cole has to go to prison for two years. Grrrrrrr.
starr and cole.jpg
Starr and Cole
How much more of a rollercoaster of emotion can there be?
One more.
Cole proposed to Starr. She accepted. AND Todd gave his permission! Will miracles never cease?
I was sad to see Brier and Stack leave OLTL, but loved their final scene when Marcie discovers she’s pregnant.
At least that leaves the door open for their return to Llanview.
Another source of my viewing pleasure is T&B – and I don’t mean Todd and Blair.
I mean Tea and Blair…..
I love those two together.
Florencia Lozano as Tea and Kassie DePavia as Blair are so-o-o enjoyable to watch.
Talk about range of emotions.
Those two go from fighting like cats and dogs to bonding over their feelings for Todd.

Remember what happens in the boiler room stays in the boiler room?
Those two are really funny together!
They ratted each other out in heartbeat in court.
And just what secret has Tea never told a single person???
My guess is that she has Todd’s secret love child.
But that’s just a guess.
Now, the only secret left to come out is the fact that Gigi (Farah Fath) did not cheat on Rex (Jean-Paul Lavoisier) and that her sleazy, skanky sister Stacy was not Shane’s bone marrow donor – And that Stacy was blackmailing Gigi to break up with Rex or Stacy (Crystal Hunt) would not save her own nephew.
Well, at least Gigi and Skylar (Scott Clifton) finally found out the truth….
Now they have to find the last puzzle piece – who the REAL donor is.
Let’s hope this happens before stripper Stacy seduces Rex.
I cannot WAIT until Rex finds out the truth.
And then it’s Buh-Bye Stacy and hello Gigi-Rex reunion.
We can only hope.

John McBain cleans up really nicely, doesn’t he?
I’m talking about the “Go Red Ball” on One Life To Live.
When he entered the scene wearing a tux, with his hair all fixed nice….and those blue, bedroom eyes…..(swooning).
And the way he sauntered in with those beautiful flowers and convinced Blair (Kassie DePaiva) – who was really ticked off at him – to go to the ball with him……It took my breath away!
John and Blair
I just love the way Michael Easton brings all the nuances to the character….the long, smoldering look in his eyes; the sexy thing he does with the sides of his mouth before he smiles…..
But the best qualities about John McBain aren’t about his looks.
It’s his intense drive to do the right thing.
His honesty, integrity- and, of course, his chivalry.
Who can resist chivalry in this day and age when – I hate to use a cliche – but it is dead, pretty much.
And the best scene for me in Thursday’s episode was at the end of the show, when McBain and Blair showed up at the ball at the same time as Todd and Tea. And, almost immediately the elevator opens revealing Wes and Marty.
The looks on their faces were priceless.
With Tea stating the obvious, “Now THIS is awkward!”