By Michele Dargan

I don’t know how anyone could have kept from crying their eyes out during the farewell scenes last week between Starr and Cole.

I was so moved at the raw and real emotions emanating from Kristen Alderson (Starr) and Brandon Buddy (Cole) as they said goodbye to each other and Cole to his beloved daughter, Hope.

Brandon Buddy (Cole) and Kristen Alderson (Starr)

Let me tell you….Buddy and Alderson have grown so much as actors and in their characters together…..which seems fitting that Starr and Cole’s theme song is “Together.”

Kristen Alderson and Brandon Buddy

I have to say that when Buddy first entered Llanview four years ago as Cole, Starr’s love interest, I was kinda lukewarm to the character.

Slowly but surely….I didn’t even know it was happening…somewhere along the way, I became a Sole fan.

I loved watching Alderson grow up onscreen….from a cute little girl, to a smart-talking, reptile loving child, to a blossoming pre-teen to a beautiful and strong young woman.

As for Buddy, he’s come a long way as an actor on the show.

In his early days as Cole, Buddy seemed a bit tentative in the character.

But, in a short time, he took command of the role and brought Cole through a variety of trying and difficult circumstances…..

Remember Cole detoxing off the drugs?

He did an incredible job with those scenes.

As for Alderson…well, she’s always been exceptional onscreen as Starr and she continues to grow and mature in the role.

Another sadness added to mix is the fact that Jason Tam (Markko) also left the show.

So as Starr and Cole said goodbye to each other, they also said goodbye to their good friend Markko. And, of course, Langston (Brittany Underwood) said goodbye to her first love.

So there was a whole lot of sadness going on with the break-up of the Fab Four as they’re called.

Brandon Buddy, Kristen Alderson, Brittany Underwood, Jason Tam

Because all four are great friends on and off screen, the scenes were all that more real, particularly at the end when Starr and Cole said their final goodbyes…..

Let me say that I am especially sad that Tam is leaving, because of the goodness and honesty of character found in Markko….and, quite frankly, with the tone and tenor the show is taking lately, there really aren’t many honorable characters left in Llanview.

And, in my humble opinion, that’s not a good thing!

But I digress….

Let me close with the video below and the final Starr/Cole scenes.

But it comes with a warning….Break out the tissues before “Together” starts with the flashback montage…It’s a killer!

And make sure you watch the very last scene when Cole leaves with the tissues at the ready!

Oh what a week on One Life To Live!
Let’s recap, shall we?
Marty dies in a fiery van explosion in Ireland as her son, Cole, and boyfriend, John McBain, watch.
After coming back to Llanview, Cole overhears McBain (Michael Easton) talking to FBI agent Ramsey and discovers that Ramsey shot the tires of the van that he and his mother were in, causing it to go off the road and ultimately explode.
Cole, who’s out of control in a rage, gets Ramsey’s gun and threatens to shoot him, but, instead, accidentally shoots Miles Laurence (David Chisum) in the chest.
Miles falls into the river and McBain struggles to find him, ultimately rescuing the man whom he hates.
Now, Miles is in the hospital, hanging onto life by a thread.
Cole is in hiding from the police.
And McBain tells Bo that he was the one who shot Miles.
First of all, the scenes where Cole (Brandon Buddy) had the gun trained on Ramsey were so powerful….I mean, you could just see the rage all over his face and through his body language. It was intense realization that this man had caused the death of his mother.
Buddy has been superb throughout the week in his emotional reaction to his mother’s death and the realization that he’s an orphan. (His father was already dead.)
I particularly enjoyed his scenes Wednesday with Brittany Underwood, who plays Langston.
Both of Langston’s parents had died more than a year ago – and she never told anyone until recently, when Dorian discovered the truth.
Now Langston and Cole have a common bond.
And their scenes together on Wednesday were so poignant.
After all, Langston has been there.
She knows how he’s feeling.
These two young actors were wonderful together as Langston tried to comfort Cole in his grief.
The intense pain.
The raw emotion.
Cole: How long do you feel like this? How long do you feel bad?
Langston: I haven’t stopped feeling bad. But it’s been over a year now and finally I don’t always wake up in the middle of the night and cry – only once in awhile. I can laugh again and think about the future.
So what’s in store for Cole’s future?
Not only is he dealing with his mother’s death, but now he has the guilt from shooting Miles.
Will he be prosecuted for the shooting or will McBain continue to take the blame?

Young Brittany Underwood has really hit home for me lately in her portrayal of Langston Wilde on One Life to Live.
I’ve liked Langston from her 2006 entry into Llanview as the strong, free-spirited and slightly quirky best friend to feisty Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson).
But it’s been the recent revelation of Langston’s big secret that has showcased Underwood’s acting talent.
Langston had been keeping such a painful secret – one that the teen wouldn’t even admit aloud to herself.
That is, until Starr’s Aunt Dorian, played by Robin Strasser, discovered the truth: that Langston’s beloved parents were dead.
And they had been for a year and a half.
Langston’s parents were killed in an accident overseas and she was an only child with no relatives.
So she did the only thing that she could.
She hid the fact that her parents were dead – from everyone.
She went back to high school.
She ran the household.
She acted like everything was normal.
But it wasn’t.
When her secret finally came out, the ensuing scenes – as Langston told those closest to her – were powerful.
And when the one thing she sought to prevent – being picked up by children’s services – happened, it was heart-wrenching to watch Langston taken away.
The power came in Underwood’s performance.
She had the right amount of emotion without overacting.
There were tears, but they weren’t overdone.
She was real. I felt it. I felt every raw emotion.
I felt it, because I was her.
My parents died when I was young.
So I have experience with those emotions.
And although I was an only child, I had aunts and uncles who took me in and raised me as one of their own.
So I was lucky. Very lucky. And I know that.
But I think Langston’s lucky too.
She has Dorian in her corner. Dorian….who’s acting like a mother bear protecting one of her cubs.
And Blair (Kassie DePaiva) delivered a moving performance as she stood up to the social worker and declared she would take Langston in because Blair, herself, was a product of foster care.
So things are looking up for Langston.
And I’ll be right there rooting for her.