By Michele Dargan

I am sick, sick, SICK of listening to Sonny, Jason and Carly blame other people for their misdeeds!!

Sonny is just ridiculous in terms of his thinking and his rationalization of what he does and who he is.

The guy is a mob kingpin and he is constantly blaming others for hurting his family….Really???

Dante hurt Michael more than Sonny??? Really???

Because last I checked, Dante wasn’t the one who got Michael shot…It wasn’t even Claudia who was responsible for that….The blame for that rests with Sonny and Jason and Carly for exposing Michael to the dangers of the mob and the enemies that come with that life.

And, by the way, Dante did the right thing by telling the judge the truth.

It was Sonny and Jason who – by executing a cover-up – got Michael locked up.

Michael (Chad Duell) in prison. (ABC/Patrick Wymore)

[As an aside in my mob rant, I think Chad Duell is doing a great job, having just stepped into the role of Michael in the middle of a very powerful storyline. Duell replaced Drew Garrett, who also did a wonderful job with the character.]

The idea that a judge would sentence an 18-year-old to five years of hard prison time for protecting his mother and newborn sister is so ludicrous – it’s not even in the realm of possibility that it would happen.

And would someone please tell me why the judge didn’t sanction all those who perjured themselves in connection with the cover-up – most of all Carly?

The most truthful words to come out of Carly’s mouth were the lies that she told to Dante Tuesday.

Let me explain.

Carly told Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) it wasn’t his fault that Michael was in prison, it was her fault for exposing him to the mob life.


But not in Carly’s mind.

You see, SHE doesn’t really believe it.

Carly (Laura Wright) is lying to Dante in order to give him a false sense of security – and have Jason take him down.

Even more upsetting to me is that she is going after Lulu (Julie Berman) too….Lulu who has done nothing wrong.

Another thing I can’t stand about Sonny (Maurice Benard) is that he does all these really horrific things and then he goes to church, as if that cancels out all the people that he’s killed or ordered killed.

And I really, really HATE the way Sonny and Carly ALWAYS end up back in bed together….and judging by the upcoming preview pics released by ABC, they’re going there AG-ain.

Laura Wright (Carly) and Maurice Benard (Sonny) in a scene that airs this week. (ABC/Patrick Wymore)


In my opinion, there is WAY too much emphasis on the mob….and I have to admit, it’s losing me.

By Michele Dargan

All I can say is – Thank Goodness Luke is back!

Luke BEE-lieves Ethan and is fighting for him!

Ethan (Nathan Parsons) and Luke (Tony Geary). (ABC/Greg Zabilski)

Loved, Loved, LOVED the Luke/Sonny scenes!!!!!

Tony Geary as Luke and Maurice Benard as Sonny ignited the TV screens. The intensity between them was explosive and I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV – or even blink – while the two friends verbally fought for their respective children.

Now, in general, I’m not a huge Luke OR Sonny fan (dodging rotten tomatoes as I say this)….But, to be honest, they’re not my personal favorite GH characters.

Let me say that I think both actors are incredible!

But I’m talking about the characters here, not the actors.

I like Luke. I do. He’s just not on all that much anymore. And I do love his scenes with Tracy. They’re always entertaining, for sure.

But Sonny….well, he’s another story.

I hate his temper. I hate what he does and I hate what he stands for…Helloooo, The MOB! He kills people and orders hits on people and there’s so much more that I detest about his character.

Maurice Benard as Sonny (ABC/Greg Zabilski)

Shooting an unarmed cop in the chest point-blank kind of says it all.

I know, I know…. He wouldn’t have shot Dante if he knew he was his son….Exactly HOW many times did he say that line? Like that justifies it!

I guess I really never got the appeal….how he reels ALL those women in with just a flash of his smile and those dimples – despite all the really bad things that he does. I just don’t get it!

But I have to admit, ya gotta love the drama that surrounds Sonny.

How about all that glassware flying on Friday?

One thing about GH these days, I can’t WAIT to watch it!

How about seeing Lindze Letherman return Friday as Georgie? I Love Georgie!
I’m still mad that they killed her off…one of the only truely good characters on that show! She had so much potential, but TPTB felt the need to kill her! Grrrrr.

Be that as it may, I hope we see more of Georgie on Monday. I’ve always liked the dynamic between Letherman and Kirsten Storms as Maxie.

I’m also really looking forward to the Luke/Kristina scenes.

When last we left GH on Friday, Luke had just told Kristina that she needed to tell the truth and that they BOTH knew Ethan didn’t beat her up.

Lexi Ainsworth has been A-mazing as Kristina throughout this teen dating abuse storyline.

But it sure is time for the right person to be ID’d as her abuser – and that’s Kiefer!

Does it strike anyone as odd that Carly and Michael are the only two people who realize that it’s Kiefer and not Ethan who beat Kristina?

Michael (Drew Garrett) and Carly (Laura Wright) (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

I just wondered why no one else even brought up Kiefer’s name as a possibility, considering she dumped him that night to be with Ethan.

And can anyone tell me WHY they’re replacing Drew Garrett as Michael?

Chad Duell is slated to take over the role with his first appearance on April 20.

Chad Duell as Michael (ABC/Chris Chavira)

Garrett has been so good in the role since taking it over as the SORASED Michael emerged from a one year coma. He has given some really strong performances in showing Michael’s struggle to fit in and be normal, despite his inner turmoil.

And he seemed to have a really good rapport with all the other actors.

So I really don’t get the change.

One thing’s for sure….

Today promises to be some good GH watching.

Our friend and fellow soap fan, LuAnne Cobb from Ohio, attended the third stop on the Soap Opera Mania on Tour Saturday in Cleveland and was kind enough to share her recap of the event with us.
Kara and I met LuAnne in the wee hours of the morning standing in the “All My Children” FastPass At Super Soap Weekend 2007 in Disney World and we met again over dinner at SSW 2008.
LuAnne is a longtime soap fan and an expert in the ABC soaps. Read and enjoy her recap of the third Soap Opera Mania event.
BY LuAnne Cobb
My friend Sue and I attended the third stop of Soap Opera Mania on Tour, being promoted by a Michigan company as a precursor to the 3rd voyage of Soap Cruise in January 2010.
We got to the hotel where the event was being held at 6:45 am, hoping to be the first in line (we were!) and stood in line until the doors opened at 10:00. We got a glimpse of 4 stars checking into the hotel at 7 am, just arriving from the West coast.
Around 9 am, we spotted Cameron Mathison and John-Paul Lavosier just finishing breakfast, so we stopped by to say hello.


LuAnne and Cameron
When the doors opened, Sue and I made sure to get front and center seats, which were set up in theater fashion in the shape of a horseshoe with a small stage in the middle. While waiting for the show to start we checked out the merchandise table, where there was shirts, hoodies, tote bags, photo albums and pins. We also picked up our event programs. Before the show started, Sue and I were both interviewed by Julie Clark Robinson, a local lady who reports for Sue also was interviewed by a local newspaper reporter.
Shortly after 10, the event director Mike welcomed the fans and introduced Cameron Mathison (Ryan on AMC). Cameron then introduced John-Paul Lavosier (Rex on OLTL), Laura Wright (Carly on GH), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas on GH), James Scott (E.J. on DAYS & formerly Ethan on AMC) and Christian LeBlanc (Michael on Y&R). Christian then introduced Brandon Beemer (Owen on B&B), Austin Peck (Brad on ATWT), and Murray Bartlett (Cyrus on GL).
The fans were clapping and we were so excited! Getting to see nine great soap stars 10-feet away was my best experience since Super Soap Weekend in November!
The first hour was a question and answer session. Christian and Austin took turns handing the microphone to the fans. We asked both personal and storyline related questions and shared a lot of laughs.
Christian is a hoot, and also a long talker! After that, the stars split up in different parts of the room and lines formed for the fans to get autographs and pictures. During this time, Sue and I met with Cameron, Christian, JP, James and Austin.
I asked John-Paul who he hopes Rex’s father will turn out to be and he quickly said Bo. He shared his theory: Before Bo went to Viet Nam, he had his sperm frozen and somehow Roxy got it and Rex was born!
I also asked JP why his head was shaved and was told we would find out on OLTL in the next month. (Soap operas are shot four-to-six weeks in advance). All the ABC stars signed my 8×10’s that I made up from photos I took at Super Soap, along with 5×7 pictures that were in the program. I also bought a black t-shirt at the event and I had all the stars sign it with a silver Sharpie.
Austin created a very good humorous caricature on my shirt as well. After this, the stars were given an hour lunch break.
After a half hour, a director from Guiding Light, Adam Reist, spoke to the fans about scripts and sets and directing. He showed a few short videos and told us his background. I later told him that a GL alum, Melina Kanakaredes, is from my hometown and Adam shared a funny story with me from when he was in Akron for Melina’s wedding. I enjoyed meeting him.
The stars were back from lunch now, and it was time for a few lucky fans to act out a scene with their favorite stars. I was not picked, but my friend Sue got to act as an extra on stage in one scene. I laughed so hard at one point I had tears in my eyes. Cameron and JP were acting as fallen mannequins. Cameron was lying face down on the stage with JP lying on Cameron’s back half with his head between Cameron’s legs. It was hysterical! These actors can sure improvise in a heartbeat.
Once again there was a question and answer session, followed by a second meet and greet.
I met Tyler, Laura, Brandon and Murray.
Laura was gorgeous, Tyler looked tired, Brandon has the prettiest eyes, and Murray speaks with the softest Australian accent.
During the second session, the promoter gathered each star and filmed future promos with different fans. Sue sat next to her favorite, Christian, for probably 15 minutes while they filmed promos to run during future CBS soap telecasts. I jumped in at the end, along with Brandon, and Austin (who had his arm around me the whole time) and we filmed promos for the next Soap Cruise.
Hopefully I’ll get to see it on TV or on the web sometime! The program was over and we left around 5:00. The stars were also getting ready to leave and make a two hour drive south for their next stop on Sunday in Columbus.
I left with a smile on my face and wonderful memories for a lifetime.